Young Turks Barber Launches YT Body

Young Turks Barber Launches YT Body
Young Turks Barber Launches YT Body

Just under two years ago, David Weir and Kristian Francuski opened the doors of Young Turks Barber. What once was David’s architecture office, has evolved into a space that pushes past what we know as a traditional barbershop, reimagining the modern barbershop experience and delivering something fresh. Recently launching YT Body, we took the opportunity to speak with David about this exciting change!

How’s Young Turks Barber going since we last spoke? 

We’re approaching our 2nd anniversary and we are really happy with how the business has progressed. We now have three barbers working full time in the shop, Kristian (the other owner), Nik and Zane. We have also recently expanded into grooming services, with our men’s grooming specialist Fiona offering skincare, waxing and feet & hands care under the name of YT Body.

What’s your favourite thing about watching YTB grow? 

It has been exciting to watch our team grow, to work with this crew who are all really talented and who love working in this business we have built. It’s also really satisfying to see clients coming back month after month and really enjoying the experience; there’s a strange sensation in customer-based businesses when you work so hard to create something of value, and then one day you notice that a whole heap of strangers also thought it was worthwhile, and the next thing you know they have been clients for 2 years.

What made you decide to expand your back section of the shop, which used to be your architecture business office, into YT Body? 

The whole shop used to be my architecture office, so bit by bit we’ve been making my space smaller as the shop got bigger and bigger; YT Body was the last push. Kristian and I saw this great opportunity to offer these extended ‘grooming’ services to guys in an environment which they felt comfortable approaching. Both of us have used these kinds of services over the years (I get my back waxed once a month), and we always got the feeling that offering these body-focused services was an afterthought for an industry that is heavily female-focused. So walking into a very feminine space to get your eyebrows or your back waxed, or to get your man feet taken care of, lots of guys feel really put off by that. We want it to be a regular part of your grooming experience – haircut, beard trim, manicure, back, sack & crack wax.

Why do you think it’s important for men to explore new ways of grooming? 

We reckon it’s not so much about exploring but maybe just feeling comfortable with asking about it. It’s not always for vanity’s sake, sometimes it’s just so you can take care of yourself a bit better, sometimes just to do something nice for yourself. Guys don’t often get that time to pause and be quiet and relax; you don’t have to be in charge, you don’t have to be rowdy with the lads, you don’t have to think about work. The number of guys that come in for a 1 hour facial and fall asleep from the relaxation…it’s more than half of them at this point.

What services does YT Body offer? 

We provide services to pretty much take care of all of you. Skincare with facials (using the full range of TGMC products), hands & feet for your nails and general care, and a full range of waxing services, whether its nostrils or inside your ears, or backs, chests, whatever. We have been getting quite a few cyclists come through for full leg waxes to save all that shaving time. And it’s all presented in this simple matter of fact way, no shame, no embarrassment; all the guys in the shop have been on the waxing table more than a couple of times.

Do you think that barbershops should be more selective with the products they use? If so, why? 

We made a really deliberate decision when we opened – we would stock a really minimal range of products, and only those that we used ourselves and that we could be comfortable recommending. I don’t think you can offer 10 types of hair product or half a dozen beard brands and be confident that you’re doing right by your clients. When we tell our clients that they should use a TGMC body scrub it isn’t because we have an oversupply of stock that we have to shift, it’s because we use it at home, we know it is excellent at what it does, and we know that it will be the same for our clients.

How can we book in for an appointment with YT Body?

Our website is really easy to use and to navigate, and we work on it all the time to make sure its simple and does what you need it to do. Go to and you can go to Barber or Body, get the run down of services and book the time that suits you. Stupid easy. If you want to chat to us we are on Insta and FB.