Let’s be honest, the old trusty socks and jocks pressie is always an easy win, but this Father’s Day it’s time to step things up. With all that has happened in the last 12 months, many Australian father’s have likely spent more time at home and with that they may have noticed a change in their habits and appearance. 

It’s been a stressful time for everyone, but good self-care has been at the top of the priority list for men all over the world. Men’s grooming and skincare doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to work, which is why we’ve come up with a range of gift ideas for every guy this Father’s Day.


Work hard, play hard. This dad can be found doing the sports run, sweating it out at the gym, is itching to get outside and be on the move. All the physical activity requires the right products for the shower. Our men’s body care products are designed to promote cell turnover through stimulating the skin's natural exfoliation process, reduce ingrown hairs and acne, and keep the skin smooth and matte. We recommend the Shower Power Pack which comes with a 500mL men's body wash, 500mL men's body moisturiser and a 170mL men's body scrub that’ll make him want to swing through the trees!


The 9-5 grind is rewarding, but can create a lot of stress. Help dad unwind and put his best face forward with our men’s face care kits. Our go to is our Fresh Face Kit, with a scrub, wash and moisturiser that will smooth things over.


Sick of signalling to him to brush the sauce out of his beard? Maybe you want to help him accentuate his most defining features. Give him the best beard oil in Australia as voted by GQ, or transform his beard care routine with our beard grooming kits! If you want to go all out, we recommend our Face and Beard Kit which includes our 200ml men’s face wash, 100ml men’s face scrub, 100ml men’s face moisturiser, 100ml beard balm and 30ml beard oil. Smooth face, soft beard!


It doesn’t take long to realise how much work stay at home parents do, so when the kids finally fall into a Wiggles marathon coma it’s time to treat yourself while you can. Don’t pull out your hair, just wash it with the good stuff! We’re talking about our natural men’s shampoo and conditioner. Grab them individually or in a men’s hair kit!


Even the most low maintenance guy still cares deep down, and likely turns red at the drop of a compliment. Introduce dad to a couple men’s grooming routine essentials like our top selling men’s face wash and face moisturiser. Alternatively, turn his shower into an experience with our jet black charcoal men’s body wash and non-sticky, low scent men’s body moisturiser which finishes off dry, matte and won’t tangle the leg hairs. 


Hands all roughed up from hammering away or a day on the tools? Strip away caked on paint with our men’s body scrub, perfect for cleaning the dirtiest of hands. The gritty and pleasant feeling as you watch the grime come off is indescribable. Finish off with our men’s body care kits to restore the skin after a tough day!


Whether you’re out camping or climbing mountains, you’re going to want to end your dad right. Our Head to Toe Pack is all you need for a weekend away, and will keep your skin looking and feeling great after a day hiking or river rafting. It includes our men's face wash, body wash, face moisturiser and body moisturiser. 


Don’t let lockdowns take away your cool or dim your shine. This dad loves to spend time with family, friends and likes to plan out his week to fit in a couple events. He’s confident, approachable, funny and warm. Why not treat him to a little something across each of our men’s grooming and skincare categories. Beard care, face care, hair care and body care.

We hope we've inspired you to personalise your Father's Day gift this year by helping the men in your lives look, feel and perform at their best every day.