There's more to Movember than facial hair!

There's more to Movember than facial hair!
There's more to Movember than facial hair!

In Australia, prostate cancer amongst men has been the most diagnosed cancer in 2016, with over 18,000 diagnoses.

There were around 2,300 new cases of testicular cancer in the UK in 2013– more than 6 cases diagnosed every day.

In the U.S, men are 3.5 times more likely to commit suicide.

In Australia between 2010 and 2012, 2 out of 5 victims of domestic homicide were male.

Canadian men between the ages of 30-54 are 79% more likely to die of heart disease.

Each week for the month of November, we will be posting a blog about the issues Movember tackles.

Movember or No Shave November is a month long campaign to raise money and awareness for men’s health.

The Movember Foundation began in our hometown, Melbourne, Australia. Since 2003, the charity has been raising awareness worldwide about Men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and depression.

In 2007, Movember started campaigns in other parts of the world and as of 2014, the Movember Foundation has raised $580 million in donations. So I guess you can say they’re doing great things!

Throughout this Movember, The Groomed Man Co. will be working closely with Dane Chamberlain and his Chamberlain Challenge Foundation to help raise money and awareness for a great cause.

Just a friendly reminder that after Movember comes Decembeard and then comes Januhairy, so you don’t have to shave.

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