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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple years, you’re probably familiar with The Gay Beards. Best friends and beard art enthusiasts, Jonathan and Brian, have spent the last couple years finding ways to turn their beards into a canvas of creativity. Since the Instagram page launched they have built up a substantial and impressive following of 258k, worked for some of the biggest retail brands, trialled countless beard care products, and helped educate bearded men across the world on all things beards

With so much information out there, it’s really confusing at times to figure out what works for your beard, and as the owner of a company which started off in the beard product space, it’s been interesting listening to what people have to say and learning from some great and well informed individuals. This is why we love what Johnathan and Brian do, because they build awareness through their passion and provide accurate information to help improve your grooming routine.

That brings us to today’s topic on ‘How To Beard’. Jonathan and Brian have put together their beard care routine with some fantastic information for those new to beard care and grooming, or those who just need to refresh on a few areas. Watch the video to learn how to keep you beard happy and healthy, and share the love by following Jonathan and Brian and passing this on!

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