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Four and a half months of redesign, product development and consolidation! Thank you for your support! Enjoy!

Nine months ago I launched The Groomed Man Co. delivering four Australian made beard oils (Morning Wood Beard Oil, Mangrove Citrus Beard Oil, Man Mint Beard Oil and Cloves Off Beard Oil). Using only pure to botanical oils, organic where possible and taking my home formula through to manufacture with an industry leader, The Groomed Man Co. has now traveled to 50 countries resulting in many happy beards. I cannot thank you enough for the support received since, and have loved getting to know you all.

I have been working extremely hard on new products and am excited that today I get to release a new look, direction and four new products to the range. I am also pleased to tell you that there will be two new products coming out by the end of the year which will allow more diversity in the range and offer a couple surprises! No, they won’t be beard oil, but I am so passionate about these beard oils because I know how much effort goes into them.

Below I want to share with you the last 4.5 months of work and hope you love it. I welcome four more beard oils to the range (Down Under, Spruce Up, Orange Geranium and The Original which has no scent as requested). If you love what you see, please share this blog post or images tagging @thegroomedmanco #thegroomedmanco, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or whatever else they’ve created haha! It would help greatly to spread the word to many beards yet to try!

I look forward to delivering you new, exciting and unique products in the near future and love hearing back from you as to what you think should be included in the range! Enjoy and thank you again!

Thank you to:

@themil for the photography

@designbymichael for the new packaging

Morning Wood Beard Oil is the best seller. With a mix of Cedarwood, Pine, Patchouli and Australian Sandalwood producing many beard benefits, this oil is sure to win you over.
Man Mint Beard Oil was the first beard oil I created. I love the fresh mint feeling it delivers, and that it is rounded out with citric and wooden notes - coming from Bergamot and Australian Sandalwood.
Cloves Off Beard Oil has a really spicy but well rounded scent, full of cinnamon, cloves and ginger. This oil is known to target inflammation and is the perfect oil for cooler weather. Give it a try!
Mangrove Citrus Beard Oil is a fresh and interesting oil. Lemongrass is chosen for its lighter scent over lemon oil (which is known to create photosensitivity), and it will draw in the compliments on Friday after work drinks while sipping a Carona! Australian Spring in a bottle!
G'day mate (no one says that but I had to). Australia in a bottle for your beard. Down Under Beard Oil is like taking a walk through the Australian native bushland. Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oils mix with Australian Sandalwood and Black Pepper for an oil that delivers an experience.
What can I say. If you love Morning Wood Beard Oil you're going to love Spruce Up Beard Oil. Pine, Black Spruce, Fir Needle and Patchouli work with Rosemary extract to deliver an ever changing scent in the beard. Enjoy the scent as it evolves in your beard.
Orange Geranium Beard Oil is hard to describe, but is now my go to oil. A touch of orange softens the hit of geranium leaf to deliver an unreal scent. A must have!
Not fussed about your beard oil having a scent? Try The Original Beard Oil. Full of our organic base oils - Argan, Jojoba and Sweet Almond, and a hit of Rosemary extract for antioxidant profiling, you'll get all the beard benefits!
Updated packaging to deliver a unique customer experience. Every decision I make puts the customer first over any other concern because I truly want to deliver the best experience on the market.
Our packaging makes gift giving to your bearded man easy. We've given away a lot today, but the extras inside shall remain a mystery!

I hope you’re feeling great and can now see that the brand is ready to take on a fresh approach. A new design was required that would be transferable and flowed onto the new product ranges, and I wanted to improve the experience for you. Until we touch base again, thank you!

Daniel (the multi tasking bearded man).

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