How and why you should use Morning Wood Beard Oil

How and why you should use Morning Wood Beard Oil

Why is everyone in love with our Morning Wood Beard Oil? Sure, it has a humorous name, but a pun can’t be the main or only reason. Our customers have been sending in their feedback, and Morning Wood Beard Oil is winning bearded men and their significant others over, since they’re the ones who face plant their loved ones face fuzz!

All of our beard oils use the same organic base oils – Argan beard oil, Jojoba beard oil and Almond beard oil. Through extensive research working alongside industry experts, our balance of base oils create the main foundations to an exceptional beard oil product. Every base oil offers unique vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients and essential fatty acids to nourish the beard, reduce the itch, moisturise and protect the skin while removing beard dandruff, clean the beard, promote ideal growing conditions and make your beard smell damn fine!

Let’s take a look a little deeper into the pure to botanical oils used to create our range of Australian made beard oils.

What are pure to botanical oils?

Simply put, pure to botanical oils, are oils used in their most concentrated and purest form. The difference between a natural oils and a pure to botanical oils is that natural oils don’t generally offer therapeutic benefits (anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti fungal and so forth). Natural oils produce a fragrance/scent and are great to use in products as they are still highly beneficial and pure, but we like to take it one step further. Pure to botanical oils hold their integrity, have an extended shelf life and won’t lose their scent in the bottle as it empties.

Benefits of essential oils in beard oil

Australian Sandalwood 

Also known as Santalum Album, Australian Sandalwood beard oil is an outstanding essential oil and is a natural memory booster! Start smelling that beard! This wooden oil smells fantastic, creating that smooth bark scent. Sandalwood is a great oil for treating acne, and acts as a great emollient to reduce any irritation that comes with growing a beard. This means you won’t be scratching your throat and face all day and night.


Also known as Cedrus Doedara, Cedarwood essential oil is a great oil to treat flaking skin and eczema due to it being Antiseborrhoeic. It reduces flaking skin by regulating sebum production and the associated inflammation that comes along with these types of skin issues. Cedarwood, funnily enough, is a natural way to keep mosquitos away.


Also known as Pinus Sylvestris, Pine essential oil stimulates the mind and body, fights bacteria keeping the beard clean and is used commonly in skin care due to its ability to lock in moisture and treat a variety of skin conditions. It also smells damn good and makes you look like a lumberjack (conditions may apply)


Also known as Pogostemon Cablin, Patchouli beard oil is a natural antidepressant, deodorant, and aphrodisiac (what was the name of this oil again?). Sorry, back on track now. Patchouli essential oil increases circulation and stimulates healing, which leads to healthier growing conditions. You won’t regret using it when you look at how great your beard looks!

So there it is, a look at the botanical oils and beard benefits of our Morning Wood Beard Oil.