We can’t solve the big stuff, like world peace, but we can give guys some confidence. We make personal grooming a little less scary.

Men's grooming products you can trust. Made from stuff you can understand. By guys who know what they’re doing. The finest Australian made men's skincare and grooming and skincare products for beard, face, body and hair.

good grooming. no bullshit.

We started The Groomed Man Co. because we were tired of skincare that talked big but couldn’t deliver. Putting you first every step of the way, no matter the cost, we develop formulas using the finest ingredients and in percentages that work. That’s why we never compromise on quality, and why we’ll always be here to listen to you guys. This is your skin. Your magnificent beard. Your hard-earned dollars. So if a formula doesn’t work, it doesn’t go in a tube. Simple as that. Made in Melbourne, Australia, and enjoyed by men from all parts of the world.

Four things we include in every product.


Quality is one thing we’ll never sacrifice. Whatever it takes, we’re going to use the best ingredients known to science.


There are two things we take seriously: men’s skincare and...nope, that’s pretty much it. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun.


Our products have to feel good, smell good and (most importantly) work good. If they don’t work, they don’t get made. Simple as that.


We’re made for guys, by guys, which means we know our customers. Grooming is all about that personal touch.

Premium natural men's grooming products and skincare, made in Australia. Transform your grooming routine with our range of beard care, face care, body care, hair care and men's grooming kits.

Nature meets nurture

We combine smart science with sustainable, natural ingredients. Stuff like jojoba oil, rosemary extract, ucuuba butter, activated charcoal and green tea. We source these from top growers around the world, and we use them in quantities that get results.

Get what you groom

Quality doesn’t mean adding 0.001% unicorn hair just so we can slap it on the bottle. It means sourcing the finest ingredients, both natural and man-made, and blending them into a kickass product. At the end of the day, you get what you groom.

Australian made men's grooming products and skincare combining quality natural ingredients and smart science. Shop our range of men's beard, face, body and hair care.
Our men's grooming products contain natural ingredients and use essential oils to create a range of the best smelling beard, face, body and hair care products on the market.

Smells like clean spirit

It doesn’t matter how well something works if you have to walk around smelling like nail polish remover. We spend two years testing every product, adding essential oils, balancing the scent profile, until we arrive at something that smells as good as it feels.

We’ve got your hairy back

The Groomed Man Co. was built on personal, attentive service. Every email gets a response. Every question gets an answer. Nothing is too much trouble for you guys. We might be an Aussie company, but we’re trusted by men all over the world.  

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