Return to sender.    

We’re extremely confident in our men's grooming and skincare products, and we’re sure you're going to love them. But just in case, we do offer a full refund for any unused or defective items. No questions asked. No awkward tears.

You can claim a full refund (or a replacement) within 30 days of receiving your Groomed Man Co. product. If you received an incorrect order or defective product, we’ll also cop any return shipping costs.

Just a heads up, using half a bottle of working product and then returning it won’t fly, sorry. It’s sort of like returning a burger after you’ve eaten it. Defective or unused products only, please.

If you choose not to collect your order, and it’s sent back, you can request it to be sent again (for a shipping fee of $10). Also, if you’d like a refund, just be aware it’ll be processed when the product gets back to our warehouse, and we do charge an admin/shipping fee of $10.

If you received some Groomed Man Co. goodies as a gift, and you’d like to swap them, we can arrange that, too. No worries.

Please remember: you’re responsible for the product until it gets back to us, so it’s always a good idea to grab a tracking number for your package. To return a product, please contact and we’ll get the wheels moving ASAP.