How to get rid of beard itch


It’s the one thing every man who decides to grow a beard faces, and it’s uncomfortable and unpleasant. Beard itch is a real bitch. You resist it as long as you possibly can, but there’s no avoiding the inevitable. You soon realise you’re rolling around on the floor scratching like a dog with fleas, and you can’t stop, as much as you want to.

Why does beard itch occur?

For all those years you spent shaving, your hair is going to be very sharp and coarse, which is why stubble feels so rough. When the hair breaks through the skin, it’s only natural that irritation and inflammation will occur. Before you know it, the itch marathon has started.

Another cause of beard itch is the increased dryness that presents itself as the beard grows. Men will generally stop keeping that area well moisturised, and daily elements will add to the area drying out, becoming flakey (beardruff) and extremely itchy. Many men don’t dry their beard properly after showers, leaving hard water (shower water that contains calcium and magnesium carbonates) trace elements in the beard, which then evaporates and draws moisture out of the skin. This increased dryness creates additional problems, namely dry and brittle beard hair which is susceptible to breakage.

Simple ways to stop beard itch

There are a few simple steps that will make growing a beard and your life that little bit easier. You shouldn’t just deal with the itch and let it pass, as it can lead to bigger problems. By following the steps below from the start, you’ll optimise the quality and health of your beard from day one.

1. Using beard shampoo and beard conditioner to reduce beard itch and prevent dry skin!

Beard shampoo is a great way to clean the beard and skin to reduce itch, but don’t overdo it (1-2 times a week). Shampoo can strip the beard hair and skin of its natural oils if done too often. Beard conditioner is a great way to clean the beard without being so harsh. You can condition your beard as you feel necessary, I personally condition 3-4 times a week. It’s important to ensure you’re using a shampoo and conditioner specific for beards, as the hair is different in the beard compared to the hair on your head. We recently created a shampoo that effectively cleans, restores the skin and scalp and leaves your hair and beard feeling soft without stripping it of its natural oils. It also won’t leave your hair fuzzy and hard to style due to it’s gentle yet effective result.


2. Rinsing your beard properly to reduce beard itch.

Make sure to rinse all of the shampoo and conditioner out of your beard. A thorough rinse will ensure no residue is left behind that could dry on the skin and irritate. Sounds simple, and it is!

3. Drying your beard properly to reduce beard itch.

Dry your beard properly. Leaving water in the beard is a big contributor to skin drying out, hair becoming brittle/rough and promotes the dreaded itch we’re trying to get rid of. Try to pat the beard dry and really get into the base of the beard to absorb any excess water. Don’t be too rough when drying the beard as it can damage the hair.

4. Using beard oil and beard balm to get rid of beard itch.

If there is one product you should be using to fight the itch, it’s beard oil. Beard oil is the perfect all round product to keep your beard soft, skin moisturised and flake free, itch free, clean, conditioned, strong and healthy. You can use beard oil from the moment stubble breaks through to keep the skin moisturised and healthy. Beard balm is a great addition in your grooming routine to protect the skin with it's use of plant based waxes, butters and oils.

Know what you’re getting when you purchase a beard oil as there are a lot on the market. There are some great oils out there and a some not so great ones. We use Argan beard oil which is considered one of the best oils for hair and we balanced it with Jojoba beard oil as that replicates the skins natural sebum, creating a barrier over the skin, locking in moisture and protecting it from drying out. Sweet almond beard oil is light, and rounds out the blend nicely, but also increases absorption into the beard, so you have a very rich beard oil high in fatty acids, micro elements and nutrients.

Not all beard oils are created equal, so make sure you research the company, how they make their products, their customer reviews (both on their site and third party) and their ingredient selection. All of our beard oils undergo strict testing and are professionally manufactured in a TGA clean room by Australia’s leading botanical oil specialists. It is important to us because essential oils can cause problems for the skin if overused (allergies, skin reactions, burns) and this occurs in rushed homemade products.

Find out more about our products here

5. Combing your beard to eliminate beard itch

Make sure to comb your beard to stimulate the hair follicles and blood flow. This will keep things moving along. A regular comb will also be a great way to remove weak hairs which could cause irritation, but don’t overdo it.

6. Cleanliness around the home and its role in eliminating beard itch

One thing many people and beard blogs overlook is clean linen. How long has it been since you washed your pillow case? The humble pillow collects dust, dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells on a daily basis. You rest your head and beard there, so expect it to make it’s way into the beard and skin. Wash your linen, and keep your beard and mother happy.

Hopefully the simple steps above will help you on your way to eliminating the itch in your life! Keep on growing.