Why is The Groomed Man Co. Beard Oil the best choice for you?

The Groomed Man Co. Australian Made Beard Oils are the Best Beard Oil for you!

With so many beard oils on the market nowadays, it can be difficult to choose which one/s to try. Not all beard oils are made equally, however there are some great ones out there. This article is going to outline why The Groomed Man Co. Beard Oils are the best beard oils in the marketplace, and of course being the owner it’ll seem the obvious thing to say, however I truly believe this for several reasons. I encourage you to read right through this post and see why The Groomed Man Co. Australian Made Beard Oils aims to be the number one choice worldwide for all beards.

A well researched and developed beard oil formula

When I started experimenting with my formula in 2013, I knew what I wanted my product and brand to stand for. Research is a word thrown around a lot, and of course when it comes to creating a product, it is inevitable that research will be put into building that said product. However, I spent close to a year with Australia’s leading oil specialists, with international recognition for their development of pure to botanical oils, learning not just about what oils go into making an exceptional base, but how they impact one another.

Base oils in beard oils, in my opinion, have to be organic as they make up the bulk of the beard oil, however percentages need to be balanced so you’re maximising the benefits of each oil without creating a beard oil that is too heavy and greasy. Each base oil used (Jojoba beard oil, Argan beard oil and Almond beard oil) were chosen due to their different properties and profiles, varying micro elements, micronutrient and essential fatty acid profile.

All of our beard oils have the same base oil mixture, and are made from certified organic oils. I wanted to create a beard oil that was suitable for all bearded men, with different types of beard lengths, textures and skin types. After a whole year taking my home made beard oil formula and putting it through testing and improvements, I was ready to bring the oil to market. All of our beard oils have been approved by the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) worldwide for safety, quality and integrity.

People have said that making a beard oil is easy, which after the past 18 months I have realised quite the opposite. Throwing oil into a bottle, mixing it and calling it beard oil is easy, but creating a product that is researched heavily, made ethically and thoughtful isn’t. There are some amazing beard oils on the market, and I guarantee when you try The Groomed Man Co. Australian made Beard Oils, you’ll notice a difference the minute you open the package, crack the bottle open and apply it. A great product, in any industry, isn’t rushed. The end result is a premium product that isn’t compromised and this is the approach I will take towards all my new future products. Taking your time to get it right.

Using natural and pure to botanical essential oils in our Australian made beard oil

The word natural is extremely overused when it comes to manufactured and homemade products. Just because something is considered natural, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been heavily processed. When selecting the ingredients in our beard oil, I wanted oils that were in their purest state. This is known as pure to botanical oils. The oil is sourced from only one named botanical species in one location or origin. This ensures that quality, consistency and ethics are maintained and the product therefore benefits considerably.

None of the oils used in The Groomed Man Co. Beard Oil have been adulterated or processed. All oils have adhered to strict quality standards and are produced and farmed according to internationally accepted procedures.

There has been no tampering with these oils, and no artificial or natural components have been added. Pure to botanical oils are genuine and true representatives of the plant from which they are derived, meaning you will benefit from the essential oils in our beard oils, instead of them just producing a nice beard oil scent.

Which ingredients make the best beard oil?

All the oils chosen from base oils to essential oils were chosen taking a lot of care and consideration. How does each essential oil work with the other? Due to the essential oils not being processed, they offer benefits that work together to target specific issues such as inflammation of the skin, stimulation/circulation, hair health, antibacterial, anti-fungal etc.

A missed area with beard oils, without going into too many details, is the scent. So much focus and emphasis goes into what base oils to use, that the mixing of essential oils gets overlooked. Natural essential oils that have gone through processing only offer scent for fragrance purposes, and I wanted more than that.

The Groomed Man Co. Beard Oil scents are blended perfectly, and is something all our customers mention. However, I didn’t just blend essential oils together to produce a nice scent, but instead spent 6 months alone learning about aromatherapy and working with my team of specialists to ensure the right balance was met.

Essential oils are very sensitive to change, and understanding what essential oils compliment one another to produce a balanced aroma instead of mixing what ‘feels’ good, will ensure the scent is subtle, long lasting and stable. Some oils can be mixed together and smell nice to begin with, but can break down quickly due to no focus on complementing ratios and understanding top, middle and base note blending.

The risk with products that aren’t tried and tested are possible skin allergies and sensitivity. The essential oils chosen were picked very carefully to not affect any skin type, and percentages of oils were made to avoid any irritation. Oils were also chosen by taking other factors into account, such as external elements like sun exposure and how that impacts the hair and skin beneath once using the product.

Why choose TheGroomedManCo. Australian Made Beard Oils?

You should choose The Groomed Man Co. Australian Made Beard Oils for many reasons listed above, but because they were built from a passion of delivering the very best quality to the end user. I strive for the highest standards across all fields from producing and providing a product that isn’t compromised by any means; cost is not a factor with my oils when producing them; with the focus on ethics and high standards/quality, to having beard oils made in an TGA clean room (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and approved by the IFRA so you know you’re getting a professionally made and safe product. Only pure to botanical oils sourced from internationally approved and ethical farmers are chosen, organic where possible and all oils are flushed with herbal antioxidants to maintain oil integrity and shelf life.