Did you know that the skin is your largest organ, accounting for 16 percent of your body weight and 91% of your skin is below the face and neck area? It’s not uncommon for men to look after their face, many familiar with a men’s skincare routine involving a face scrub, face wash and face moisturiser. However, when it comes to applying a men’s body moisturiser daily, we’re falling behind and missing out on some key skin benefits. 

While you may cover the skin on your body with clothing each day, the importance of regularly applying a body moisturiser shouldn’t be underestimated. Lifestyle and environmental factors play a large role in inhibiting the skin’s ability to retain moisture, which leads to dry flaky skin, acne and ingrown hairs, all which are avoidable through applying a high quality body moisturiser.

Talking to a lot of men, the reason they avoid this step is because most body moisturisers are greasy, sticky and targeted towards women. We took this feedback on board to create a men’s body moisturiser that was non-greasy, not sticky, dry to touch and provided a completely matte finish with no shine. 

So what does a men’s body moisturiser do, what are the benefits of applying a body moisturiser daily and what should you be looking for in a body moisturiser? Let’s take a look.

What does a men’s body moisturiser do?

Quite simply, a men’s body moisturiser helps hydrate, protect and smooth the skin whilst restoring any lost moisture throughout the day or post shower. Men’s skin is thicker, rougher and typically drier than their female counterparts and therefore moisturising the body daily is a great way to prevent dryness, control oiliness and also help keep body acne at bay.

What are the benefits of using and applying a men’s body moisturiser?

There are many great benefits to incorporating a body moisturiser into your skincare and grooming routine, and what takes only a minute to do can have long lasting effects.

Body moisturiser locks in moisture

The most obvious benefit of using a body moisturiser is that it helps lock moisture into the skin, preventing further moisture loss. Our skin is exposed to free radicals, chemicals, water and other factors that can affect the look and feel of the skin, so regular use of a body moisturiser helps combat these concerns leaving the skin smooth. It’s also important to restore the skin’s moisture after using a men’s body wash.

Body moisturiser gets rid of dry, flaky skin

For many men, the skin on the body over the course of time can start to look and feel dry and flaky. This is because of a build up of the above factors combined with lifestyle and genetic factors. Applying a body moisturiser after each shower is crucial in repairing and protecting the integrity of the skin’s barrier. We highly recommend using a men’s body scrub twice a week to remove dry, flaky skin while promoting cell turnover.

Calms itchy skin

How many times have you got out of the shower, dried yourself off and found only minutes later you’re itching all over. This is caused by hard water elements from your shower irritating your skin but also due to your skin type. Applying a men’s body moisturiser post-shower is a great way to calm your skin and stop the itch.

It helps smooth rough patches

Men’s skin is 25% thicker than women’s, which is even more reason to ensure you’re regularly applying a high quality body moisturiser. Get rid of dry, rough skin on your elbows, knees and feet by applying a body moisturiser regularly.

It helps prevent premature aging and wrinkles

We fuss over the skin on our face as it ages, and we do everything in our power to prevent it so the same should apply for the skin on your body. By regularly applying a men’s body moisturiser, you’re ensuring the skin is properly hydrated which slows down the aging process. Our body moisturiser contains muru muru butter which is loaded with Vitamin A and essential fatty acids, which help to restore your skin’s elasticity. It’s also great for dry, cracked skin, eczema and psoriasis. About the only thing it’s not good on is toast.

Stimulates collagen production and improves skin elasticity

The skin is constantly regenerating, but turnover of dead skin slows as you age. Applying a body moisturiser regularly helps aid the process leaving the skin looking and feeling great. Ingredients such as white tea extract are rich antioxidants and polyphenols and can be found in our men’s body moisturiser. It also inhibits MMP (matrix metalloproteinase), an enzyme which gobbles up collagen and elastin. Translation: this stuff keeps your skin young.

What’s the best body moisturiser for men?

The best body moisturiser should be non-greasy, highly concentrated with fatty acids and antioxidants, contain skin repairing extracts and as natural as possible. Our men’s body moisturiser contains a secret blend of muru muru butter (to restore elasticity), white tea extract (for antioxidants) and activated charcoal (to bust through excess oil) that leaves your skin looking smooth, healthy and matte. It also works well on hairy legs and doesn’t leave them tangled together or leave your legs shiny.