There’s nothing better than a shower after a long day, and it’s made even better when the products you use are doing good for your skin. To some, body wash isn’t given too much thought, however knowing a bit more about the products you’re cleansing your skin with can make all the difference. 

When we created our men’s body wash, we set out to create something that was specific to the concerns men faced with their skin but also to innovate this simple product to be more than just a body wash. So what makes our Citrus Blast Body Wash the perfect partner for your daily shower ritual and why you should be making it a staple in your skincare and grooming routine?

Gentle on the skin and free from irritating ingredients

Our men’s body wash was made to be a gentle cleanser, ideal for sensitive and dry skin types, using coconut oil based surfactants to avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils. Many men’s body wash products contain parabens, phthalates, sulphates, mineral oils, triclosan and synthetic fragrance which can lead to dry, irritated skin.

Our body wash contains none of the above ingredients, making it a great natural alternative for your skin. Activated charcoal is included as it doesn’t hurt sensitive skin, and it unclogs your pores without drying them out. It also cuts through excess oil and eliminates toxins and bacteria. Charcoal also acts as nature's natural filter system, making it ideal for those sweaty pits and bits.

Our body wash doesn’t dry out the skin

One thing about soap bars is they can be a little too good at cleansing, which can leave the skin looking and feeling dry. Switching to a shower gel is the best way to avoid dry skin, as they’re able to hold more hydrating ingredients.

Our WASH+ system cleanses and exfoliates the skin

When we formulated our body wash we wanted it to be more than just a skin cleanser, and something you’d be excited to use. We also had launched our men’s body scrub prior, but knew that not every guy regularly used a body scrub (you should be, but we’ll discuss this another time). We decided to create a men’s body wash that also gently exfoliates your skin, creating our WASH+ system. It contains Lime Pearl which is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s) and improves your skin’s natural exfoliation process, scrubbing off dead cells and leaving your body dolphin-level smooth. 

A body wash with a subtle scent that doesn’t linger

Remember the days where you’d reach for whatever mum bought at the supermarket, and those heavily synthetic and overpowering scents of cucumber and sea breeze? We do, and it makes our skin crawl thinking about it. We set out to erase that nightmare by creating a men’s body wash that has subtle hints of Australian sandalwood, cedarwood, sweet orange, mandarin and doesn't linger on the skin. This was also carried over to our men’s body moisturiser, where the natural ingredients provide an earthy tone and no scent lingers in order not to interfere with any fragrance choices you make throughout the day.

Now you know why you should be upgrading your shower routine with our men’s body wash, why not check out our range of Australian made body care products. We recommend upgrading your shower routine with our Shower Power Pack.