If there’s one part of my weekly grooming routine I look forward to most, it’s using a face scrub. We put our skin through so much every day that using a face wash alone isn’t going to cut it. Men’s skin is thicker and tends to collect more dirt and excess oil, so introducing a face scrub one to two times a week into your skincare routine will make a huge difference.

Let’s take a look at how often you should be using a face scrub, what a face scrub does, the types of face scrubs, how your skin type impacts how often you should scrub and the benefits of including a face scrub into your grooming routine.

What does a face scrub do?

A high quality face scrub should help you remove excess dirt, oil and gently buff away dead skin cells to help stimulate cell turnover. Face scrubs can come in two types - a physical face scrub which contains fine particulates which can be felt and also chemical face scrubs which generally consist of AHA’s or BHA’s in liquid form. There are benefits to both and also some factors to consider when using.

Physical exfoliants to smooth the skin

A physical exfoliator, such as our Face Magnet Scrub, contains very fine pumice to gently smooth the skin's surface. It’s important to only apply light pressure when using any physical exfoliant as the ingredients will do the job. Look for face scrubs that use less abrasive physical exfoliating ingredients such as pumice, while avoiding harsh ingredients like ground walnut shell or microbeads.

Chemical exfoliants to dissolve excess dirt, oil and debris

A chemical exfoliator consists of AHA's or BHA’s, known as glycolic acid, salicylic and lactic acid. These are less abrasive than a physical exfoliant but depending on your level of sensitivity, they can cause irritation. The ingredients found inside a chemical exfoliator work to dissolve excess dirt, oil and debris from the skin.

Which type of face scrub you choose to use depends on your skin type, sensitivities and skin needs. You can use either separately or together depending on the results you’re hoping to achieve.

How your skin type impacts how often you should use a face scrub

No matter what type of skin you have, every man should be exfoliating using a face scrub. However, you may need to approach weekly exfoliation differently depending on the type of skin you have and sensitives you may experience.

Face scrubs for dry and sensitive skin

Men who experience dry and sensitive skin should start slowly when using a face  scrub. Start off at once a week, working up to twice a week. No matter which type of face scrub you use, be gentle applying light pressure and let the ingredients do their work.

As someone who suffers from eczema and psoriasis, I prefer using a men’s face scrub twice a week. Personally I find a physical exfoliant keeps my skin concerns at bay with immediate and ongoing results. During winter I find the grey pumice and magnetite helps to remove dry skin and it allows my moisturiser to absorb nicely. This twice a week routine maintains smooth and clear skin texture, leaving the skin brighter. 

Face scrubs for oily and acne prone skin

People with oil and acne prone skin are able to exfoliate up to three times a week, benefiting from both physical and chemical exfoliants.

Chemical exfoliants containing AHA’s and BHA’S will help dissolve excess oil, while a physical exfoliant will help remove that extra build up.

Face scrubs for combination skin

For men that have combination skin, you can use a face scrub two to three times a week and can switch things up with the types of face scrubs you use. Just ensure to avoid granular physical face scrubs which contain beads, and opt for gentle chemical exfoliants which contain enzymes and acids that gently remove build up but are suitable for use on dry areas.

No matter what skin type you have, it’s important to always follow up with a face moisturiser after using a face scrub. If you’re using a face scrub in the morning, apply a moisturiser and then an SPF (or a moisturiser which has an SPF in it) to avoid damaging the skin through UV exposure.

What are the benefits of using a face scrub regularly?

There are numerous benefits men can experience when regularly incorporating a face scrub into their grooming routine.

Face scrubs remove dirt and grime

You might use a natural men’s face wash daily, but sometimes you’re going to need a little extra help removing the day's dirt, sweat and grime. Using a face scrub gives your skin a much needed deep clean and primes the skin for your moisturiser.

Face scrubs prevent future breakouts

Built up sebum (oil naturally produced by the skin) can clog your pores and create unwanted breakouts. Using a face scrub weekly will ensure you’re not allowing the build up to irritate the skin, thus preventing future breakouts.

Face scrubs help control dry and irritated skin

Men tend to suffer more from dry, flaky and itchy skin which can leave the skin looking dull and unsightly. Regular use of a face scrub helps buff away dry skin, allowing your moisturiser to hydrate and repair the barrier while preventing future flakes.

Using a face scrub before shaving

Including a face scrub into your pre-shave grooming routine is a game changer. Not only will it clean and prepare the skin for a shave, it will also unclog the pores, remove dead skin build up which can get caught in the razor and prevent ingrown hairs (known as razor burn). A great way to transform your shaving routine is to use a face scrub and then apply some of our Australian made beard oil to soften the skin and beard hairs making it easier to shave, in turn reducing irritation.

Face scrubs prevent aging

Aging is a normal process, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slow that process down through improving your grooming routine. Using a face scrub twice a week will help reduce fine lines by helping stimulate the skin's natural cell turnover process. Encouraging the skin to regenerate boosts collagen production and also leaves your skin primed to absorb any serums or moisturisers you apply afterwards. For men in their 30’s, this is extremely important.

Face care and mental health

This one might sound quite strange, but let us explain. Taking the time each day to put back into your physical self through healthy face care and grooming habits, has a direct impact on how you look, feel and walk through the world. With all that has happened in the last year, taking a bit of time in the morning for self-care had a direct impact on my own mental health and continued to highlight the importance of looking after and presenting our best self each day.

Now that you know more about how often you should use a face scrub and the benefits of adding one to your routine, why not learn more about our men’s face scrubs, face wash, face moisturisers and men’s face care kits!