Skin Care Tips for Summer

We’ve been through the winter, some love it and some hate it, but for most of us, our skin can thrive during the warmer months. With the change in seasons however, our men's grooming products and routines can be adjusted to suit new conditions to ensure our skin is looking and feeling it’s best. Here are some simple ways you can transition your routine this summer.

What skincare products should men use for dry skin?

We like to keep things simple, a men's face wash such as our Face Fuel Cleanser should be used morning and night. This product was developed to deeply cleanse without stripping the skin of its essential oils, and to protect the skins natural PH balance. Our cleanser includes Green Tea Extract and Marshmallow Root Extract to repair and restore the skin, making it ideal for all skin types. The next step would be a men's face moisturiser to hydrate the skin using the Smooth Operator Face Moisturiser which is an ultra-rich formula of Pracaxi Oil, Black Tea Extract and Activated Charcoal. As it is a highly concentrated and long lasting moisturiser, it should only be used sparingly morning and night as the skin can only absorb so much, and product will be wasted.

Beyond the routine of cleansing and moisturising, we have to take into account that we will be exposed to the sun and therefore should use an SPF during the day.

Using sunscreen for your face and body

Sunscreen has come a long way from the super oily thick stuff that is probably still sitting in the back of your cupboard. Usually they can be broken down into 2 categories, chemical and physical. Chemical is the one that you have to apply at least 20 minutes beforehand and absorbs the UV rays and releases it as heat. Physical on the other hand works straight away and reflects UVA and UVB rays making it a more effective choice than chemical.

There’s an array of physical sunscreen available now but my favourites at the moment are Go-To skincare’s Zincredible SPF 15. This is good for everyday use and for when you know you may see a bit of sun going to and from work and sit outside for lunch but if you know you’re going on a road trip or going to be in the sun for an extended amount of time I would recommend using something like Pro Paira 50+ Sunscreen Lotion. Using 50+ sounds scary but beats those sleepless nights in bed with sunburn. The formula is very lightweight and provides lasting protection.

When to use a men's face wash

There is a difference between oil and sweat! When we work out our body secretes sweat to help cool us down by the process of evaporation, but some of us will shampoo and cleanse every time we do so, and this can effectively strip the skin of its necessary oils leading to dryness. Instead just use trusty H2O from the shower to rinse your scalp and face but please use a men's body wash to clean everywhere else and men's body moisturiser to ensure the skin is hydrated.

Drinking water to improve skin health

The old saying of “drink 8 cups of water a day” is a little bit of a myth, we know for a fact it’s essential for our body’s wellbeing and function, but did you know that we consume most of our intake from our prepared foods, and other beverages such as coffee. It goes without saying this intake depends on amount of physical activity and body type, however, continue to drink plain water as much as possible. Carrying a reusable bottle allows you to measure how much water you’ve taken in and will encourage you to sip throughout the day. The body is pretty smart with releasing what it doesn’t need, and your skin is a great indicator if your dehydrated!

What's the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin?

Sure is! Simply put dry skin lacks oil whereas, dehydrated skin lacks water. Dry skin can be related back to over cleansing which results in the stripping of our skins natural barrier of oil, and this can lead our skin to be susceptible to signs of ageing, and nobody wants that! So, ensure to use a rich moisturiser such as Smooth Operator is used to keep it at bay!

As for dehydrated skin, again drinking plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated will keep it at its optimum. Almost half of our body is water so if we’re low it will most definitely show on your skin. Try also avoiding hot showers as this will open pores and allow moisture to escape.

Our skin is always changing from season to season, and so should our attitude with how to take care of our largest organ. It may not be easy, but these small changes can drastically help you in achieving your skin goals and maintaining a healthy shell that can rock those speedos down at the local pool!

Written by R. James.

Bachelor’s Degree in Dermal Science.