How often have you looked in the mirror and noticed your skin looking a little tired, irritated, dull or dry? It’s a common problem many men face no matter the time of year, but easily solved by including a men’s face moisturiser into your daily grooming routine.

As we age, using a face moisturiser for men becomes increasingly important in keeping the skin looking healthy and feeling its best. Let’s take a look at what face moisturisers do, why men should use a face moisturiser, when men should use a face moisturiser and the benefits of adding a moisturiser to your grooming and skincare routine.

What does a men’s face moisturiser do?

The main function of any high quality men’s face moisturiser is to hydrate the skin, protect the skin’s barrier, and prevent aging by targeting fine lines, dryness and other imperfections in the skin. Daily moisturising helps improve the appearance of the skin, leaving it smooth and healthy and can decrease the likeliness of breakouts or other skin irritations by restoring balance to the skin's natural oil production. 

On a deeper level, using a men’s face moisturiser helps retain the moisture levels in your skin, but it helps replace moisture that is lost every day from exposure to external and environmental factors.

What are the benefits of using a men’s face moisturiser?

There are multiple benefits to including a face moisturiser in your men’s grooming routine, and depending on your skin type these benefits can vary. Below are a list of benefits men can expect when incorporating a face moisturiser into their skincare routine. 

Treating dry skin with a face moisturiser (use face moisturiser to get rid of dry skin?)

The main benefit of using a men’s face moisturiser is that it helps to restore dry skin and assists normal dermal functions such as excretion, exfoliation and elimination of oil and debris. Look for a men’s face moisturiser that has ingredients that have a high fatty acid profile as these tend to lock in moisture better and are beneficial for problematic skin. Our men’s face moisturiser contains Pracaxi oil which absorbs quickly and is rich in Behenic Acid.

Controlling oily skin with a face moisturiser

Men with oily skin typically suffer from more breakouts and typically use a men’s face wash more often to try dry out the skin. This isn’t what you want to be doing, as drying the skin out only encourages the skin to produce more oil to try to balance out the skin's sebum production. Applying a men’s face moisturiser after using a natural face wash will help rebalance the skin and prevent breakouts. Activated charcoal found in our men’s face moisturiser also helps absorb excess oil while leaving the skin smooth and matte.

Using face moisturiser to prevent aging

Using an effective men’s face moisturiser daily helps maintain the youthful appearance of the skin and slows down the aging process - to a point. You’re not wolverine. Skin that is lacking moisture tends to show more signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturised and healthy skin looks fuller and results in a brighter complexion. Team your face moisturiser up with a Vitamin C serum at night and apply SPF every morning to prevent sun damage and premature aging.

Face moisturiser minimises pores and leaves skin smooth

By applying a moisturiser daily, you’re helping encourage the skin's cell turnover which in turn leaves pores clear, less visible and the skin looking smooth. Without adequate moisture levels in the skin, cell turnover can be slowed down leaving the skin looking tired and dull.

Should men use a different moisturiser than women?

Men’s skin is approximately 25% thicker than women’s skin due to hormonal and environmental factors. While most moisturisers aim to do the same things, you might benefit from finding a men’s face moisturiser that includes ingredients that are specifically formulated for men’s skin. No, we weren’t paid by women to say that in order to stop you stealing their creams at night.

What moisturiser is best for men?

The best men’s face moisturiser should be lightweight, fast-absorbing, highly hydrating and non-greasy. It should include a high percentage of antioxidant rich extracts, such as black tea which is high in polyphenols known to aid in skin repair from sun damage. 

When formulating our Smooth Operator Face Moisturiser, we took into account the needs men’s skin requires and the types of active ingredients required to deliver the desired results. The ingredients used combine maximum moisture with minimum shine. It’s got activated charcoal (to absorb excess oil), black tea extract (for antioxidants) and Pracaxi oil (a super-charged natural emollient). The result? A smooth, matte finish for up to 12 hours. 

When should you use a men’s face moisturiser?

While we recommend using a face moisturiser daily, it’s important to understand where it fits within your skincare routine in order to experience the benefits of the product itself. Moisturised and hydrated skin starts in the shower, as you don’t want to be layering any men’s face moisturiser on skin that isn’t freshly cleaned. Applying a moisturiser to dry skin that hasn’t been cleaned can lead to clogged pores causing breakouts, or leave the skin looking oily.

Exfoliating with a men’s face scrub twice a week will help slough away dead skin cells on the outermost layer of the skin and help open up the pores so excess dirt and oil can be cleansed away when following up with a men’s face wash. Our face wash includes green tea and marshmallow root extracts to calm the skin and prevent it from drying out through its moisturising properties.

Once cleansed, pat dry the skin and while it’s slightly damp apply your face moisturiser. This will ensure you restore any lost moisture from the shower and lock in the remaining moisture.

Now that you why men should use a face moisturiser daily, why not transform your grooming routine with our Australian made men’s face moisturiser, face scrub, face wash and men’s face care kits!