The Barber Series - Brother Wolf

The Barber Series – Brother Wolf Barber, Melbourne.

This week on The Barber Series we look at Brother Wolf Barbers. A relatively new shop, Brother Wolf Barber is located down the west end of Greville Street (113 Greville St), Prahran. They may be new to the local area, however, they bring countless years of experience and skill to produce some stand out work. The lads come from and have experience from all over the globe, namely Ireland, and are making a name for themselves in the local area.

Brother Wolf Barber brings together an old school traditional charm with a modern approach, with a fit out that is trendy and creates an enjoyable atmosphere. The lads are extremely warm, welcoming and friendly, which makes for a great and comfortable experience. Walk on in and put your name down on the board, take a seat and relax and enjoy a beer/beverage offered to you by one of the boys. Alternatively, if you have a few people in front of you, you’re more than welcome to walk down the street and do what you need to do and one of the boys will give you an approximate wait time which is accurate, so you know when you should be back.

This is my go to barbershop and I am always pleased with the work. The guys have some impressive barbering skills accumulated over years of working in the industry, and all cuts and bread trims are on point. With a high level of attention to detail, you’ll leave the shop very satisfied. The fades are always finished off well and are consistent. I always prefer to get my beard trimmed here, which can be a difficult thing for bearded men as we don’t like other people touching it.

Every time I’ve had my beard trimmed here, I receive multiple compliments, which is important for me being the face of my brand. For a small amount extra, it’s worth having the trim and keeping your beard neat and tidy. Of course, this is something you’ll need to maintain, but it’s a great option for guys wanting to shape their beard a certain way.

I sat down with Patrick to talk shop, and some trends/tips he had.

How long have you been barbering for?

I have been barbering for almost ten years. I was lucky enough to land an apprenticeship in a very reputable barbershop in Dublin city called “The Waldorf barbershop” and fell in love with the trade immediately. The Waldorf opened its doors in 1929 and is still in its original condition to this very day.

Being from Ireland, what differences are you finding when it comes to the barber scene here in Australia?

I don’t find any major differences between barbering here and back home in Ireland to be honest. The styles are very similar at the moment, mostly traditional and classic cuts which are my favourite. Guys like to stay sharp around here and really appreciate a good cut. Some of our customers are here every 10 days to keep their hair and beards looking fresh and clean.

Any tips on maintaining a great looking beard?

In order to maintain a well groomed beard you have to wash it regularly and use beard oils to stop it from getting dry, and keeping it conditioned. We stock The Groomed Man Co. Beard Oils because we think it’s the best beard oil on the market and have a variety of different scents so there is something for everyone.