The Beard Series - Brendan Bourassa

This week in The Beard Series I got to catch up with Brendan Bourassa, @bloodanchor on Instagram, and ask him a few questions. Beard envy strikes ever so often, so be prepared to marvel at greatness.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and live in Toronto. I grew up mostly in Ottawa and moved back here a few years ago. I’m a grad student and I take on electrical jobs to pay the bills. Before I went back to University to earn my Ba I worked full time as an electrician.

How long have you had a beard, and why did you decide to grow one?

I’ve had my beard for just under a year. I grew it out last year but shaved it off and regretted it horribly! Since that shock I’ve just let it grow. When I was younger I couldn’t grow a decent beard, so growing one now was simply a matter of the scruff getting longer than I usually let it and me realizing it was coming in fairly thick.

What has been some opportunities that have come from having a beard?

I started Instagram this past January when my beard was about four months old and in fairly short order had a few photographers wanting to shoot with me. I also developed a relationship with The Bearded Pantie Droppers fairly early on and they promoted me pretty steadily. I’ve had some photos published and done advertising work for a few companies since then, but I’m still just starting out as far as modelling goes.

Do you even go to the gym? 

I’ve been working out for a long time. It’s more of a routine than a ‘lifestyle’ for me. Watching exercise become sort of a fad, I understand the desire to get really pumped and excited about it, but for me it’s more like eating breakfast or taking a shower, it’s just something I do. I don’t think about ‘skipping’ the gym any more than I’d think about skipping a shower or a meal haha.

Which of The Groomed Man Co Beard Oils have you tried, and what did you think? Any favourites?

I’ve tried Spruce Up Beard Oil, Cloves Off Beard Oil, Morning Wood Beard Oil and Man Mint Beard Oil. The base mixture for all of them is excellent, the addition of Argan beard oil is definitely a cut above other beard oil I've used. As far as the scents I like them all, but lately I’ve been leaning on the Spruce Up, it’s got a bracing aroma that I’ve been getting addicted too.

Brendan Bourassa. Brilynn Ferguson (@brilynnf on Instagram).

Brendan enjoying our Spruce Up beard oil. A mix of Fir Needle, Black Spruce, Pine & Patchouli.