The Beard Series - Jerry George

This week in The Beard Series I got to catch up with Jerry George, @jgrge on Instagram, and talk all things beards.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Jerry George. Born and brought up in Saudi Arabia but relocated to UK when I was 11. I am an aspiring pilot who studied in London, completing a degree in Aviation Management. I am currently working as a Stylist for a retailer. I do enjoy my job because I like boosting other peoples confidence just by helping them out with some simple tips. I am a true believer of living life to the max everyday, so there’s a high chance I’m doing something silly every now and again.

How long have you had a beard for, and why did you decide to grow one?

My beard came through quite early. I was that only kid in school to have a beard and was the way everyone knew me (Jerry… that kid with the beard). The reason for growing the beard out is probably because my father always had a big beard. I guess I grew up wanting to have a beard like him.

My favourite thing about having a beard is?

Its funny, but probably when you meet another bearded brother. There is a “banter” you can always hold about the beard, and opens up communication as a starting point in conversation. Its a whole new world.

Which of The Groomed Man Co. products have you tried? Any favourites?

I have tried, the Morning Wood Beard Oil, Orange Geranium Beard Oil and the Activated Charcoal and Bamboo Body Scrub. My favourite has to be the body scrub, as I haven’t tried anything like it. I even tried it for my face and it works magic.