Sometimes we become so use to enjoying the final product, that we forget about the amount of processes that go into creating it. I am fascinated by the process taken, it’s one of the most enjoyable parts of doing what I do. A little over 14 months ago, I got to working on on our range of beard wash and beard conditioner. My approach to making products has always been very clear, creation through curiosity with a customer over profit mentality.

How can we do this better? Why are the products I use not doing what they say? What purpose does this ingredient serve to the end result? Why has it always been done this way, and why do we accept the status quo? Why is profit more important that placing the customer experience first? What impact will it have on the environment?

I believe the processes involved to create our hair & beard shampoo and conditioner will give you a glimpse into my thought process, so I wanted to share that with you through the formulating stages captured. It also outlined we create our products from the base up, pushing boundaries against what is the ‘norm’, because we know that in order to stand out, our products have to do what they say, and not just say it.

How to make beard wash

How to make beard conditioner


Now you know more about our beard wash, what makes our beard wash different and the benefits of using a natural and effective beard wash, why not shop our range of Australian made beard shampoo and conditioner.