The Bearded Almond Merchant

The Bearded Almond Merchant
The Bearded Almond Merchant

If Melbourne is known for one thing, besides being labelled the world’s most liveable city, is its coffee. Melbournian’s take coffee culture very seriously, an art form that has been perfected in our local cafes over many years. However, amongst all the skinny lattes, soy cappuccinos and short macchiato’s, is an alternative thats making its way into our coffees and hearts. Almond Milk.

Cameron Earl, the bearded founder of the Almond Milk Co., has spent the past several month’s developing his product and has started a cafe revolution. This dairy and soy free alternative known for its health benefits is winning Melbourne locals over, and changing the way we view coffee. I caught up with Cameron to talk all things almond milk and beards.


Cameron Earl, the mastermind behind the Almond Milk Co. Sourced and made locally here in Melbourne.


Firstly, I’ve tried your almond milk several times and love it. How did the company come about and why?

It was a very organic growth from, trial and error, to production for personal consumption, to production for the cafe I was running. After I decided on a recipe I liked, it seemed like a natural progression to see whether other customers liked it too, and they did. This spawned the nights of dreaming about how to make it for EVERYONE.

As someone who loves almond milk it’s great to be able to get my local coffee with your almond milk. What makes your almond milk different to others?

I think the main difference is, my milk is made to be as close to normal milk as possible, made with the best ingredients I can get, focusing on local produce. The whole idea was to make a milk as close to full cream milk as i could, rich, creamy, and able to steam well. As opposed to other products whose focus might be price point, organic branding or shelf life.

Why almond milk over alternatives?

I think the bottom line is taste and health, If you can’t have a food anymore because of diet or health issues you want a replacement product that’s good for you and tastes as close to the product you can’t have anymore as possible. Raw almond milk is by far the healthiest and best tasting alternative on the market.

Where do we find the Almond Milk Co? 

We are in 56 venues (and counting) throughout Melbourne, you can find your closest stockist on our website We hope to be interstate before the end of the year.

That’s a mighty fine beard you have going on. How long have you had a beard for?

Funnily enough I started growing my beard when I started the business 6 months ago, It’s almost a part of my brand now haha

Tell us a story about your beard!

A beard story…. Haha, this has only just started happening recently as Ive never had my beard this long before, but I can now see certain whiskers in my periphery vision….. Honestly gentlemen is there anything more distracting.

What’s next for the Almond Milk Co?

Next step is to develop our packaging and processing to increase the shelf life without preservatives or pasteurisation, then look at national and international distribution.