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The Beard Series - Phil Forbes

Phil- The Aussie in Poland. Dinosaur nut, Simpsons quote fiend, post-rock enthusiast with a strage addiction to all things mint. When he grows up he wants to be a dinsosaur and/or stormtrooper.

On a serious note, Phil has been a regular user of our beard oil for some time and is an avid writer. We decided to find out a bit more about Phil, and look forward to having him as a contributor on our blog in the coming weeks!

You can find Phil here

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Im Phil, 29. Born and raised in Melbourne. Master of useless facts.

Why the move to Warsaw, Poland?

A band I work with (Belakor) toured Europe in 2012. They played a festival along side a band fronted by a very attractive woman. I liked their show, loved their music and with a mix of post-show adrenaline and dutch courage, introduced myself to her. She was amazed that people in Australia had heard of her band. We got talking and stayed long distance friends. Eventually the friendship ‘progressed’ and after a few visits, I moved here to be with her and try a change of lifestyle.

How did you get into blogging and how would you describe your blogging style?

The English language is the only thing that I have a talent and a passion for, usually it’s just a passion with little to no talent. The idea was first put into my head by a friend (actually, the same band Belakor) after a flight to Adelaide was delayed by several hours. We were given a handful of food/drink vouchers in an attempt to kiss our collective ass. While it didn’t make up for the fact that we were nearly late to our own headline show, the drink cards got us (well, me) quite surly. This resulted in me posting quite a strong-worded post on the airline’s Facebook page. It got a lot of replies, partially from other disgruntled and delayed customers, but one of my friends (also quite surly at the time) jokingly said that I should be a writer.

But, after moving to a non-English speaking country, teaching English was a natural progression. It didn’t take long until I found a small Polish Startup that wanted a native speaker/writer so I snapped up that opportunity and have been fine tuning my new craft ever since.

I’d love to say that I aspire to write like Hemmingway, Tolstoy or King but its completely different. I try to use humour to build a rapport and make what I’m writing seem more ‘human’ rather than just a relentless flood of information. However, people don’t always want a lot of filler when they read something involving facts or numbers or a study. The internet is full of content writers so short, sharp and precise information is usually what’s needed.

Long story short, getting drunk after a delayed flight got me into blogging.

What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to its readers?

Henry Ford said ‘If I asked people what they wanted, they’d have said a faster horse’. Of course in 2016 it’s always a good idea to know what people want, but that needs to be balanced out by occasionally ushering your audience into a direction of something new. Do your own thing but just keep track of what people want.

Blogging takes a lot of time, research and dedication. How do you manage your time?

As of this month, I’m teaching for 2 different companies writing for another and soon to be taking on some more writing! (wink wink nudge nudge). I dunno man, I’m nearly 30, I’ve been working full time since the day I left high school. This is the first time in my life I don’t feel like I’m working, so it doesn’t feel that hectic. That said, it has its days. But managing my time, little tools and tricks here and there. Planning a day the night before, setting alarms after spending a certain amount of time on a task. I’d also like to point out that mobile phones are more than just social media tools and a lot of my brainstorming and subsequent brainstorming happens on a bus, subway or tram.

Any tips for aspiring bloggers?

I was a welder for nearly 10 years prior to starting to write. Like welding, medicine, acting, its a craft, an art. The more you do something, the better you get. If you’re not getting better, try a different approach. Find writers you like and analyse them. Never be afraid to ask yourself questions. Why do I like this writer? What does he/she do that I don’t? And above everything else, when you feel like giving up, keep going.

How did you find out about The Groomed Man Co.?

Not long after I started bearding, I got the itch. Yeah, that itch. Of corse, I went to the only person in my life who knew anything about hair. Mum. She told me that my skin needs some TLC and she gave me some tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil or something. Whatever it was, I didn’t like the smell of it so it didn’t take me long to consult Dr. Google. Of corse, the first results were American companies. Being the closet patriot that I am, I searched Australian brands and The Groomed Man Co. was the 2nd result, worldwide and 1st in Australia. Free shipping only sweetened the deal.

Describe your beard style.

Inconsistent, too short but absolutely essential.

If you could only include 3 products in your grooming routine, what would they be?

Of course a good beard oil. Accompany it with a good shampoo and hmm…goat hair or wooden brush, that’s a tough decision. Protip: I’d also like to have the ability to never want to touch my face and to always be comfortable sleeping on my back.

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