Australian Sandalwood Beard Oil Benefits

Australian Sandalwood Beard Oil Benefits
Australian Sandalwood Beard Oil Benefits

Australian Sandalwood comes from a tree native to semiarid areas at the edge of Southwest Australia. It is traded as sandalwood, and its valuable oil has been used as an aromatic, a medicine, and a food source for centuries. With such a diverse range of uses and benefits, it was a no brainer to use it in our beard oils. These included Morning Wood and Man Mint Beard Oil.

Australian Sandalwood is known as Santalum spicatum, its botanical name. The farming of Australian Sandalwood has seen many restrictions placed on it due to its popularity and difficulty to cultivate, but also due to it being protected by indigenous land. This means that the cost of sandalwood ranges from $1000 – $3500 a kilogram, however the benefits far outweigh the cost and therefore it is a must have ingredient in our beard oil range.

Not only does Australian Sandalwood produce a soothing and smooth aroma, but it is extremely beneficial to the skin and hair.


Australian Sandalwood targets skin conditions and inflammation, soothing the skin and reducing irritation with its antibacterial properties. This is a lightweight oil that can be used all year round, as it won’t clog the pores. In fact, it will do the complete opposite and keep the pores and follicles healthy and clean, which reduces and prevents acne and any skin imperfections. It is also a great oil to use for dry and flakey skin with its calming properties protecting and healing damaged skin.

Growing a beard means that sometimes you face the dreaded beard itch. Australian Sandalwood is the perfect oil to use to eliminate the itch. This makes it ideal for people who have skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema

Australian Sandalwood is the ideal deodouriser, and its subtle wooden tones aren’t overpowering. The aroma works its way through the nervous system creating a sense of calm, and is ideal in improving sleep. Placing some Morning Wood Beard Oil it in your beard before you go to bed is a great way to get a restful sleep.

Australian Sandalwood is deemed to be an extremely safe and low irritant oil, but like all essential oils shouldn’t be used on the skin in its raw form, but instead used when mixed in with base oils. This makes our beard oil range safe and therapeutic in numerous ways. Try some in your beard today and absorb the benefits of Australian Sandalwood.