If you’re new to using beard care products it can be quite confusing when you start looking past using beard oil. With a variety of different options, it’s important to look at the benefits and whether products like beard balm and beard butter will work for you. Recently we discussed the difference between beard oil and beard balm, but what’s the main difference between beard balm and beard butter and should you be adding it to your grooming routine?

What’s the difference between beard balm and beard butter?

Beard balm and beard butter are similar in many ways in that they offer shaping and styling benefits, but there are some key differences which set them apart from one another. Let’s take a look at each product individually and their key differences.

What is beard balm?

A beard balm typically consists of a mixture of waxes, butters, carrier and essential oils to create a solid balm that can be melted down and applied to the beard and skin. Beard balm also conditions the hair leaving it soft, protects the hair from damage and split ends, moisturises and protects the skin and manages flyaway hairs by adding a light to strong hold depending on the level and type of wax used. If you’re going to be very technical when selecting a beard balm, you may want to consider choosing from two types of beard balm.

Beard balm can be used daily, and is best applied to a dry beard so water doesn’t interrupt with the waxes. This makes it ideal if you’re racing out the door and need to condition the beard and provide a light style. 

Conditioning beard balm

A conditioning beard balm is generally on the softer side using less hard waxes like beeswax, and instead focusing on waxes that have lower melting points. The benefits of a conditioning balm are that they provide all the above benefits but aren’t going to coat the beard heavily in wax. These beard balms are ideal for those who want a light hold but also want the balm to fully absorb. Our beard balm falls under this category in that it uses no beeswax, but instead berry wax. This ensures your beard isn’t coated with a beeswax which may require you to wash it out due to waterproofing the hair. 

Styling beard balm

A styling beard balm is generally on the harder side containing beeswax which provides a much stronger hold. This is great for those who want to keep all flyaway hairs at bay and want to be able to add more definition and shape to the beard. You will still receive all the benefits of a conditioning balm, but do be mindful that regular use may require more maintenance in terms of beard wash and beard conditioner to prevent build up.

What is beard butter?

Beard butter isn’t as common as beard balm, but it’s a product that still has its place in our bathrooms and beard grooming routine. A beard butter consists primarily of butters (Shea, Ucuuba, Hemp Seed and Almond butter) and some additional carrier oils and essential oils. Beard butter is very different in terms of consistency to beard balm, with a more cream like look and feel to it due to the absence of waxes. 

Beard butter provides conditioning and nourishing benefits for the hair and skin, and due to its spreadability, it’s much easier to work through the beard and skin. Unlike a styling balm, a beard butter will only provide a very light hold and styling effect on the beard. Beard butter can also be applied daily and is a great option post shower to lock in moisture and prevent skin from drying out. A beard butter may also have a higher fatty acid profile which makes it a great option for eliminating beard dandruff and getting rid of beard itch.

Can you use beard balm and beard butter together?

Beard balm and beard butter can be used together, but for some it may be overkill and doubling down on some of the similar ingredients. If you’re using a beard balm and beard butter together, we suggest you apply the beard butter directly into the skin beneath the beard and then a small amount of beard balm over the top to aid in styling. You can also split them up by using beard balm during the day and then beard butter at night before bed to protect the skin while you sleep.

Is beard balm better than beard butter?

As you can see, beard balm and beard butter both provide great nourishing benefits for the beard and skin with the main difference being consistency and level of hold in terms of styling. The rest comes down to personal preference.

What’s the best beard balm and beard butter?

Like any beard care product, you want to ensure you’re using as natural as possible. Any product that is being applied to the beard and skin directly near the mouth and nose should contain gentle and ingredients as natural as possible. Our Australian made beard balm is 100% natural and has a consistency that sits in the middle of a beard balm and beard butter. It contains ingredients not found in any beard balm or beard butter on the market, using unique raw materials like Babassu oil, Ucuuba butter and Floraspheres. 

What’s the difference between beard balm and beard wax?

You may have heard the term beard wax and thought it is different from beard balm, but they are very much similar in their ingredients, properties and benefits. A company may call their product beard wax to distinguish it as a strong styling product but both beard balm and beard wax sit within the same category.

Now you know more about the difference between beard balm and beard butter, and the benefits of bothwhy not shop our range of Australian made beard balms and beard care products.