With so many beard care products out there, it can be confusing what to look for and whether they will help your beard grow. Beard balm is a commonly used beard care product, but does it speed up growth and what are the benefits of using it?

Does beard balm speed up beard growth?

Many brand messages out there make claims that their beard balm, beard oil or beard serum will help speed up beard growth. There are no scientific studies or evidence to support such claims, so it’s important to manage expectations when searching and using any beard care product. While there is no magical cure to help make your beard grow faster or patchy areas to fill in, it doesn't mean you shouldn’t include beard balm into your routine.

What is beard balm?

Beard balm is considered a solid version of beard oil, providing many therapeutic benefits through the use of natural carrier and essential oils. How it differs from beard oil is the inclusion of waxes and butters which work together to help style your beard too. A beard balm can be used by itself or in conjunction with a beard oil, and is best applied into a dry beard or towel dried beard post shower.

What are the benefits of using beard balm?

Including a beard balm into your routine will have various benefits when it comes to promoting healthier beard growth. These include but aren’t limited to:

Softens the beard hair

The carrier oils, waxes and butters used in beard balm provide conditioning benefits to the beard, leaving the hair soft and providing a protective barrier.

Moisturises the skin and reduces beard dandruff

Beard balm is a great skin moisturiser, delivering a range of fatty acids and nutrients into the skin and helping eliminate dry, flaky and damaged skin. Key ingredients found in our beard balm such as babassu oil, ucuuba butter and floraspheres, work together to nourish the skin and hair while eliminating beard dandruff.

Helps to get rid of beard itch

Applying beard balm regularly, especially during the early stages of beard growth, helps soothe the skin and eliminates beard itch

Beard balm helps you style your beard

Have you noticed as your beard grows you end up with many flyaway stray hairs which can be hard to control? Using a small amount of beard balm helps style your beard and manage stray flyaway hairs. Depending on the type of beard balm, the strength of hold will vary. If you’re after a natural, light to medium hold, our beard balm is ideal.

Does beard balm make your beard thicker?

Using a beard balm may not mean faster beard growth, however applying beard balm will help you add volume to your beard in turn making it look thicker. This does depend on a variety of factors such as beard hair type, amount of hair and how you style your beard.

Why you should use beard balm for healthy beard growth

Including a beard balm into your routine has so many great benefits which in turn helps promote healthier beard growth. Throughout all stages of your beard growth journey, you want to ensure you’re protecting the hair and skin to avoid split ends and potential damage.

Now that you know what beard balm does and how you can benefit from adding beard balm to your routine, why not explore our range of Australian made beard balms and beard care products!