How to care for your beard in winter

How to care for your beard in winter
How to care for your beard in winter

So the cold snap has hit us here in the Southern Hemisphere, and no doubt you’re starting to feel it. The thing is, as the seasons change bringing about new conditions, so do our beards. Winter months tend to bring lower humidity and freezing cold winds, which tends to dry out the beard and skin, weaken the hairs and turn your beard into a mess if you don’t look after it. These quick tips will help you stay on top of your beard care routine this winter to avoid any cold looks!


I get it, it’s damn cold and there is nothing better than a hot shower to make you forget. The problem is that hot water strips the beard and skin of its natural oils, resulting in a brittle beard and dry flaky skin. Take cooler showers as it benefits your beard and skin condition overall. If you must have a hot shower, try not to keep your beard under so long. Drying your beard properly is also important, as leaving water dry on the skin actually makes things worse due to the hard minerals in most tap water. The reason why we are told to moisturise our skin after a shower is to lock in that moisture and not let the water sit there naturally drying, taking the moisture away as it evaporates and leaves trace minerals.


Shampoo is a great way to clean the beard, but some people go overboard washing it every single night thinking they’re doing themselves a favour. Like the above, too much shampooing strips the beard of its natural oils. Instead, try use shampoo 1-2 times a week and on the other nights use an organic, gentle conditioner which will still clean but not take away from the beards health. I personally shampoo the beard twice a week and condition it 3-4 times a week (not on the same night as one another). Try it out and see what works for you, but I guarantee your beard and skin will be healthier following this process.


I am a strong believer in beard oil being the best product for your beard every day of the year, because it’s an allrounder. With all the products out there, I stand by the fact that beard oil may be the only product that you should use every single day and is the best weapon against fighting environmental elements. Our Australian made beard oils provide a great ratio of essential fatty acids, micro elements and minerals to restore the beard and skins health, eliminate the itch which becomes more common due to the cold winds that dry out the skin, and keep the beard hairs strong, split-end free whilst managing fly aways.

Beard Oil protects the beard and is best applied after a shower once the beard is dried. 


Going to your local barber to tidy up your beard is something you should be doing if you’re not confident in doing it yourself, especially during winter. Once a beard hair splits, the damage has occurred. Leaving it will result it in splitting down to the follicle and falling out, whereas trimming the damage and strays will keep your beard looking sharp and consistent.

These simple tips hope to provide you with manageable ways to look after your beard during the winter months. It doesn’t take much to keep your beard game in check, and a healthy beard in winter always stands out!