I grew my beard so I wouldn't have to trim. Think again!

Why you should trim your beard.

When I started growing my beard, I did it because I was sick of shaving and the issues that came with it. As my beard grew, I started to understand that growing one also carried many challenges and issues. Growing your beard requires the right amount of care and attention, and the benefits will show in the overall health of your facial fuzz!

Let’s take a look at the art of trimming! Yes, trimming. Don’t worry, we aren’t going Edward Scissorhands on it. Every bearded man should have barber scissors, a necessary tool for keeping your beard in check.

Using scissors to trim your beard.

Before you start to trim your beard, it is important to use beard wash and beard conditioner, then dry it. You don’t want to trim a wet beard, because wet hair gives an unrealistic impression of the beards actual length. Once the beard is dried, comb the hair so its evenly shaped, this way you will get a more accurate result from trimming.

Trimming the stray hairs that stick out will keep your beard growing evenly, but also remove any damaged hairs which can cause more problems if ignored. When beard hair is damaged or split, it can keep splitting down to the follicle resulting in the loss of that hair. By cutting it off you prevent further damage to the beard.

Remember to go slow when trimming, by only cutting small amounts at a time (a few hairs). You will find that not too many hairs need to be trimmed once everything is growing in conjunction with the rest of the beard. Once you have shaped your beard, slowly go around the moustache area to even out the lip ticklers!

Once you've trimmed your beard, don't forget to apply some of our Australian made beard oil in it to keep the beard soft, beard dandruff free, eliminate beard itch and promote healthy beard growth. Alternatively, you can apply a beard balm to keep stray hairs in place.

By including trimming as part of your weekly routine, alongside the tips you have received in your BEARD CARE CARD package, you’ll notice dramatic improvements in the look and feel of your beard.