Beard balm is a staple product in many bearded men’s grooming routines, although not as common as beard oil it definitely has a place in your bathroom. The benefits of using a conditioning beard balm are many, so let’s take a further look at why you should consider adding this product to your beard growth journey.

Using beard balm to style your beard

The main difference between beard oil and beard balm is that beard balm contains waxes and butters, resulting in a consistency change that allows you to style your beard. Typical formulations contain beeswax which provide a solid feel to the beard balm, and give medium to strong hold so you can manage the flyaway hairs. Our beard balm contains no beeswax, but instead berry wax making it vegan friendly and more of a conditioning balm with a light hold to compliment the beard's natural style.

Using beard balm to soften the beard hair

Beard balm contains a range of quality carrier oils which work to soften the hair, while the butters and waxes continue to nourish the hair throughout the day. Having these added ingredients compared to a beard oil will be highly beneficial for men with coarse and brittle hair. Continued use over time will result in your beard looking and feeling noticeably healthier and softer.

Using beard balm to strengthen beard hair

The benefits of beard balm ingredients are numerous, and largely depends on the types of waxes, butters and oils used in the formula. Our beard balm contains a few unique ingredients which made it the ultimate beard hair strengthener. 

Ucuuba Butter

Ucuuba Butter is famous for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, but it’s also chock-full of Lauric, Myristic and Palmitic acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. All the stuff that healthy beards love. It protects hair follicles and nourishes your skin at the same time.

Babassu Oil

We source our Babassu Oil from sustainable crops in Brazil. This stuff is loaded with Vitamin E, which makes it gentle on skin and tough on dandruff. It’s also a natural conditioner. Babassu is why Morning Wood leaves your beard feeling like Egyptian cotton sheets or something.


Floraspheres are those little balls you see inside the beard balm. They’re natural spheres, packed with Jojoba, Vitamin E and 1000 microns of conditioning esters. When you rub the balm, those Floraspheres break down, hydrating your face and protecting your beard. 

Moisturising the skin with a beard balm

A house is only as good as the foundations it’s built on, and the same goes for the beard. If your skin beneath the beard is dry and lacking moisture, don’t expect the hairs that sprout from the follicles to be living up to their full potential. Beard balm continues to moisturise and protect the skin and follicles, adding anti-inflammatory benefits and giving fresh beard hair growth a chance to start off strong and healthy. 

Beard balm helps to get rid of beard itch

A combination of dry skin and fresh beard growth can create conditions that lead to beard itch  if you’re not applying beard balm or beard oil. When you continue to moisturise and protect the hair and skin, you’re also calming it down and helping to get rid of beard itch. Applying beard balm after a shower once your beard is towel dried, will protect the skin barrier and prevent moisture loss which in turn means no beard itch.

Beard balm eliminates beard dandruff

There’s nothing worse than looking down and seeing a bunch of whhite flakes sitting on your shoulders. If you’re like me and love wearing all black clothing, this is an issue and can make you look like a lamington. Beard balm is great at eliminating beard dandruff by protecting and softening the skin and hair, but also because the waxes create a barrier which protects from the harsh elements of everyday life (wind, sun, lack of humidity). If you’re really struggling with beard dandruff, it’s important to add beard wash and beard conditioner to your routine. How often you wash your beard will depend on a few factors, but it is a necessary step to keep beard dandruff at bay.

Beard balm smells great

Beard balm provides many therapeutic benefits, but also some superficial benefits as well. If you’re applying a product beneath the nose and around the mouth, you want it to be as natural as possible while producing a pleasant scent. Our Australian made beard balm is 100% natural and comes in four scents and one unscented using pure essential oils only. 

Using beard balm promotes healthier beard growth

All of the above benefits of using beard balm lead to healthier beard growth. No beard care product can make your beard grow faster, or fix patchiness, no matter what claims a company makes isn't backed by science. However, regular beard balm or beard oil use and beard care maintenance results in healthier growing conditions and improves the overall quality of your beard. Other factors include a healthy diet, water intake, exercise, sleep, vitamins and genetics.

Now that you know what beard balm does and how you can benefit from adding beard balm to your routine, why not explore our range of Australian made beard balms and beard care products!