Since launching our brand in 2014, which started as one of Australia’s (and the world’s) first beard oil companies, we’ve had the pleasure of keeping beards looking and feeling great across 80 countries and delivering a beard oil which we truly believe to be one of the best beard oils in Australia and the global beard care market.

That’s a huge statement to make, and one we don’t take lightly. There are some incredible brands in the market delivering great quality beard oil, but there are reasons and understandings as to why we believe our blend is one of the best. Through working with one of the world's leading oil manufacturers of 30 years, our persistence to cut through the industry noise and to make exceptional products using the very best and highest quality oils no matter the cost. A brand that puts the customer over cost and profits, using the best beard oil ingredients and in high enough percentages to deliver results instead of marketing spin.

What goes into making the best beard oil in Australia? 

It’s no big secret. In fact, we’re legally obliged to tell you. We start with soothing Argan and Jojoba oils (for softness), Sweet Almond oil (for magnesium and zinc), and finally a drop of pure, Australian essential oil (for beards that smell like a meadow in springtime). This combination of carrier and pure unprocessed essential oils are the best beard oil ingredients to use for a number of reasons.

Argan oil, although one of the more expensive carrier oils, is the liquid gold your beard needs. It’s high fatty acid profile protects and strengthens the hair, adds volume and lustre, and is extremely lightweight in the beard making it fast-absorbing. Certified organic argan oil makes up the majority of our blend and is the number one ingredient listed. You may find a lot of beard oils with argan oil in it, but not in the top position on the ingredients list which means it could be in there in smaller percentages while cheaper oils such as castor or avocado oil take out the top spot. By law you must label your ingredients in order from highest to lowest percentage, so if you’re using great oils with incredible benefits, use them in a way that benefits the end user.

Jojoba oil is another fantastic lightweight oil for the beard which actually helps heal the skin beneath. By combining it with argan beard oil, you’re helping cover the two most important aspects of beard care - healthy hair and moisturised skin. A jojoba beard oil base helps replicate the skin's natural oil production, making it ideal in protecting the skin and helping get rid of beard itch and eliminating beard dandruff.

Essential oils come in all different grades and qualities, and there are a lot of ways cosmetics can use an oil but in its higher processed and cheaper form. An example of this is Australian Sandalwood, one of the most expensive essential oils (upwards of $3700AUD a kilogram). Many skincare and cosmetic formulas will use a processed version to get the fragrance and pass off as high quality. All of our blends that contain Australian Sandalwood are using the purest and most sustainable essential oil, so you receive the therapeutic benefits of the oil and not just the fragrance. This runs true for all our essential oils which are in their purest form. This might not matter to you as a consumer, but it matters to us. We want you to receive what you’re paying for and benefit from those ingredients.

Another important element is the amount of oils used in the blend. Having more oils or less oils doesn’t determine the result, but instead the quality of the oils chosen as discussed above and the ratios to provide the correct profiles which benefit the hair and skin.

Our ethos on how we approach creating products with you in mind have resulted in products that are highly concentrated and deliver results. While our products on initial purchase may be a few dollars more than other beard oils in the market, you will use less oil and it lasts much longer. Each bottle contains approximately 600 drops which are measured with a specific dripolator cap made specifically for our oil. Some beard oils will provide a squeeze dropper, which results in over usage leaving you to purchase much sooner. We know buying right the first time and buying the best beard oil in Australia will save you in the long run.

What’s the best smelling beard oil?

When we were working towards formulating the best beard oil on the market, we knew that subtlety and balance was the key. A beard oil should smell incredible but also be complimentary to other products you might use during the day such as a fragrance (Eau De Parfum).

The best smelling beard oil should use a blend of top, middle (heart) and base notes which balance out the blend and add complexity. We recently wrote an article on how to pick the best beard oil scent for you.

Does beard oil absorb easily?

Due to the choice of ingredients, our beard oil is extremely lightweight, non-greasy and fast absorbing. Many of our customers have told us it’s the least ‘oiliest’ oil they’ve tried. As weird as that sounds, we worked on the ratio for over a year and a half before launching to get it right. Mixing a few oils in a bottle and calling it beard oil isn’t that simple, and although you can make beard oil at home, there is a very fine science behind it which results in an exceptional product that is very targeted towards the concerns bearded men face.

A beard oil shouldn’t sit in the beard for a long time, and therefore it’s important to get the ingredient selections, ratios and blends right to maximise the beard oil benefits.

To us, our products aren’t just another product. We know from first hand experience spending a lot of money on products over the past two decades, that there is nothing more disappointing than spending hard earned dollars on a product that promises so much but doesn’t deliver. We hope that the above has given you more insight into why we know you’ll be impressed with our beard oil. We’ve got your hairy back!