What are the best beard oil ingredients?

When you take a look at the beard care industry, you’ll come across an extensive range of beard oil products. Among the beard oil category are many different types of blends when it comes to carrier oils, essential oils and fragrance, so how do you pick which beard oil is the best for you and what beard oil is ideal for healthier beard growth?

I believe there are a few simple factors that should be considered when selecting the best beard oil for you, in order to use a beard oil that works. These include the types of carrier oils used and how they make the beard and skin feel, the ratios of those carrier oils, how natural the beard oil is and also the type of scent used.

Which carrier oils are best used in beard oil?

There are numerous carrier oils used in different beard oils, each with their own unique profile and benefits. However, in many years of working alongside some of the most experienced formulating chemists and through our own research, we truly believe there are two main ingredients that are a must have. These include argan and jojoba oil.

Argan beard oil base

Argan oil is known for its high oleic and linoleic fatty acid profile, which in simple terms means it’s a superior ingredient for preventing damage to beard hair and reduces split ends. Not only does an argan beard oil base benefit the hair, but it’s moisturising for the skin which helps eliminate beard dandruff and gets rid of beard itch

Argan oil also is lightweight, fast absorbing and non-greasy. Some beard oil bases can contain heavier and more viscous types of carrier oils which can sit in the beard leaving it oily and shiny for hours on end. My personal preference is to benefit from the oil but not to have a beard that looks like it’s been coated in oil which is why argan beard oil is my go to. If a beard oil has argan oil in it, make sure it is the first (ideal) or second ingredient on the beard oil label. As this is an expensive carrier oil, some brands may use is sparingly, however in our Australian made beard oils it is our highest percentage ingredient due to its benefits and quality.

Jojoba beard oil base

Jojoba oil is a natural humectant which has the ability to prevent infection, maintain the skin's moisture and helps manage a range of skin issues. Loaded with Vitamin E and being the closest oil profile to the skin's natural sebum production, it keeps skin and hair soft and healthy. 

Like argan oil, a jojoba beard oil base is also lightweight, fast absorbing and non-greasy. Jojoba oil is also low on the odour profile and produces a very mild colour, making applying beard oil a simple task no matter what colour or length your beard is. Alongside argan oil, jojoba should be a top ingredient on the ingredients list to ensure you’re benefiting from its properties.

What ingredients create the best beard oil scent?

For many men, the major determining factor when selecting a beard oil comes down to the scent, which makes perfect sense since the beard oil will sit in your beard all day. We recently wrote about how to pick the right beard oil scent for you, which includes information about essential oil ingredients compared to synthetic, and a breakdown of each of our Australian made beard oils.

We believe in using a beard oil that is as natural as possible due to application, it being a leave-on product and also sitting beneath the nose and mouth where it can be breathed in. This is why we believe pure, unprocessed essential oils are the best choice. You may even want to use an unscented beard oil if you prefer no essential oils or fragrance in your beard oil.

Now you know why beard oil ingredients matter and what types of beard oil ingredients to look out for, why not shop our range of Australian made beard oils.