If you’ve ever grown a beard, or are in the process of growing one, then you’d be no stranger to beard oil. Whether you currently use it or not, there’s a reason it has become a necessity in many a bearded man’s grooming arsenal. 

This go to product has become known for its ability to moisturise the skin, soften the beard, reduce itch especially during the initial beard growth phase, eliminate beard dandruff and maintain healthy growing conditions. Convinced yet?

One major discussion point around beard oil is whether it makes your beard grow quicker, with many products on the market with such claims it’s confusing but we can confirm no evidence is present that this is the case. This doesn’t mean you should be missing out on the benefits of beard oil.

We’re here to help you understand more about why you should be using a beard oil, how to use and apply beard oil, how much beard oil you should use, when to apply beard oil, what ingredients you should look for when purchasing a beard oil and most importantly the benefits of using a beard oil.


The first and most obvious step will be having a beard, although our beard oil does make a great facial oil. If you’re just starting out growing your beard and have stubble, don’t fret as beard oil is an ideal product for this phase to stop the dreaded beard itch in the initial few weeks. 

Depending on the length of your beard, some men like to use a comb to help spread the beard oil through the beard and into the skin. Alternatively, you can massage the oil through your beard and skin with your hands.

If you’re using a comb, we recommend you find one made from acetate or a wooden comb which is divided into two sections – narrow teeth and wide teeth. The wider teeth are great at moving the oil through the beard without pulling on any tangled hairs, instead loosely detangling them. The finer teeth are great to finish off and gives you more control for styling your beard.


Using and applying beard oil is a simple and enjoyable process, and allows you a moment to take some time for self-care. Each beard oil is different in terms of ingredients and method of dispensing (dripolator cap or squeeze cap), so check the instructions on the back before using.

For the most part, the following steps hold true no matter what product you use.


  1.   Shake the bottle before use. Depending on the environment and seasons, your oil may need a little warm up. 
  2.   Dispense three to four drops into the palms of your hand and gently rub your hands together. The rule of thumb is start with less, and then add more if necessary. You don’t want to unnecessarily waste product or leave your beard looking and feeling greasy. Below is an image providing a rough guide on how much beard oil you should use.
  3.   In a downwards motion, run your hands and fingers over the beard ensuring you start from the cheek area at the top of your sideburns and then working your way downwards to cover the rest of the beard. Ensure you pay attention to your moustache area.
  4.   If you’re using your hands, gently run the tips of your fingers in an upwards motion from the chin, working your way outwards towards the cheek. Massage the oil into the skin, take your time, appreciate your handsome mug in the mirror while you do it.
  5.   If using a comb, continue to comb in a downwards motion and use your hand as a way to pat down flyaway hairs gently to provide a natural beard style. A conditioning beard balm can also aid you in maintaining a well-shaped and tidy beard.
  6.   Apply more oil if you feel it’s called for.


When we created our beard oil we wanted to use a dispensing dropper like a pipette (where you squeeze the top to suck up the oil and then squeeze it again to dispense), however after extensive research on this method we found it to be inferior for many reasons.

Pipette droppers have a rubber top, and this rubber is slowly eaten away by essential and carrier oils over time. This is why sometimes the rubber top tears away, but also we didn’t want to compromise the quality of the product with any chemicals leaking into the oil. Pipette style droppers also make you use more product than you need to, so you go through the product much quicker and have to reorder more often.

We specifically sourced a dripolator cap with a breather hole large enough to meet the viscosity (thickness) of our oil so you could get even drops and minimise wastage. Simply turn our bottle upside down (completely straight), give it a tap and automatic flow will start. You will find a bottle of our oil will last anywhere between 3 to 12 months!


The best time to apply beard oil is post-shower once your beard has been towel dried thoroughly. The steam from the shower also helps open up the pores, priming the follicles to soak up the oil.

You can apply beard oil daily, but start slowly applying beard oil every other day and then add increased use over time if necessary. 


We get asked this question a lot, and it comes down to personal preference. However, there are a few factors that determine how much beard oil you should be applying. We always say start with less, then add more. Once the oil is in your beard you can’t take it out without washing your beard.

Our formula was created to be extremely lightweight, fast absorbing and non-greasy. Many of our customers and barbers who stock our products have mentioned how it’s the least ‘oily’ oil they’ve used (sounds odd, but we made it this way). This comes down to our proprietary blend of Argan beard oil, Jojoba beard oil and Almond beard oil base which in the right ratios complement each other by driving the oil directly into the hair, skin and follicles quickly and efficiently.

Below is a guide on how much beard oil you should use, but comes down to individual preference.

 How to use and apply beard oil


There’s not a lot that can go wrong when applying beard oil, but there are some simple things you should avoid doing in the process.

  • Don’t be rough when drying your beard post-showering. Gently pat the beard dry and ensure that it is thoroughly dried. By being rough, you’re potentially damaging the hairs and pulling them out. Take your time.
  • Don’t apply oil to a wet beard. Water and oil don’t go well together, it’s simple science.
  • Do not pour the oil directly onto the face. Follow the steps above.
  • If a beard oil causes irritation, do not use it. We suggest applying a small amount to the wrist prior as an allergy test. Our formula has been developed with this in mind and tested to meet the highest cosmetic standards making it ideal for sensitive skin types, but we recommend you read the label and avoid any ingredients you know you may be allergic to. If a product isn’t displaying all their ingredients, ask for more information or look elsewhere.


As mentioned at the start, beard oils are the go to product for those growing their beard, or those already donning one. The benefits of using beard oil are


  • Eliminates beard itch. A good beard oil will moisturise the skin beneath the beard which calms irritation and reduces beard itch.
  • Softens and strengthens beard hair. The fatty acids found in argan, jojoba and almond oil are able to penetrate the hair shaft, leaving the beard soft, moisturised and protected.
  • Reduces and gets rid of beard dandruff. Due to the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of many of the oils, beard dandruff is able to be treated, 
  • Moisturises the skin. In relation to the above point, beard oil helps prevent the skin beneath the beard from drying out. The different properties of multiple oils create a barrier which stops transdermal-water loss. This is why applying beard oil after a shower is so important, and helps avoid hard minerals from the water drawing moisture out of the skin.
  • Makes the beard smell and feel great. Although this one seems like a novelty, picking a great beard oil scent adds a sense of calm and comfort into your daily routine. It’s also beneficial for anyone who might be rubbing up against your prickles.
  • Promotes healthier growing conditions. As stated before, no beard oil can make your beard grow faster. Period. However, maintaining personal hygiene and a consistent beard care routine through applying beard oil will ensure you’re giving your beard the best possible chance for improved growth. Keeping the skin beneath healthy will ensure your follicles are primed and given the best chance. Just like a house, a strong foundation is necessary to support beard growth.


    Beard oil vs beard balm, a common question that arises when deciding what beard care products to use. It’s important to note that although they look and feel very different, they both share many of the same properties and benefits.

    Beard Oil

    Beard oil is the most common and important solution to any beard problem. Even if your beard is in great shape, regular beard oil use is important. It’s the easiest way to keep the hair on your face healthy, soft and your skin moisturised. This means strong, healthier facial hair and better growing conditions.

    Beard Balm

    Beard balm comes in many forms, some focused on styling using heavier waxes such as beeswax, while other balms may be considered conditioning balms. Our beard balm was made to condition the beard leaving it soft, while complimenting its natural style. We avoided beeswax, to remain vegan friendly, and instead used berry wax which is lighter and fully absorbs into the beard. It also helps eliminate beard itch, reduce beard dandruff and is ideal for sensitive skin.


    When purchasing a beard oil, we will always recommend you find as natural as possible. All of our beard oils are 100% natural and use Rosemary extract as a natural preservative and antioxidant to extend shelf life and maintain product integrity. 

    Avoid any beard oils that use mineral oils or silicones. Generally, these oils are clear which gives a good indication that they’re synthetic. We also recommend a natural fragrance base using essential oils or nature identical ingredients. Synthetic fragrance can be safely used and isn’t necessarily bad depending on the type of fragrance and percentage used. 

    If you’re looking to purchase a beard oil, or any men’s grooming or skincare product, that the full ingredients list be available to you before purchasing. It isn’t uncommon to see companies promoting the active ingredients but not fully displaying the full ingredients list. We believe in full transparency and believe all consumers deserve to know every ingredient that is in a formula, whether that’s good or bad. 

    Below is a list of every oil we use in our selection of seven beard oil scents and one unscented and the benefits of each oil.

    Argan Oil

    An Argan Beard Oil base is known in the hair care industry as ‘liquid gold’. It’s made from the kernels of the Moroccan Argan tree, and contains fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid. When applied to the beard it helps reduce damaged or split hairs, reduce beard dandruff, eliminate beard itch and moisturise the skin.

    Jojoba Oil

    A Jojoba Beard Oil base does so many good things for your beard and skin. It’s a natural humectant, which means it prevents infections, locks in moisture and helps fight acne. It’s antibacterial and antimicrobial. And it’s loaded with antioxidants like Vitamin E, to keep hair looking soft and healthy.

    Sweet Almond Oil

    An Almond beard oil base is rich in Vitamin E, zinc, potassium and fatty acids which are ideal properties for promoting healthy beard growth. It’s also lightweight and fast absorbing which leaves the beard soft without feeling greasy.

    Australian Sandalwood Oil

    Sandalwood beard oil targets skin conditions and inflammation, soothing the skin and reducing irritation with its antibacterial properties. This is a lightweight oil that can be used all year round, as it won’t clog the pores. In fact, it will do the complete opposite and keep the pores and follicles healthy and clean, which reduces and prevents acne and any skin imperfections. It is also a great oil to use for dry and flakey skin with its calming properties protecting and healing damaged skin. The benefits are endless.

    Found in our Morning Wood Beard Oil, Man Mint Beard Oil, Spruce Up Beard Oil

    Cedarwood Oil 

    Cedarwood oil is thought to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss due to its ability to balance oil-producing glands in the scalp. It’s antifungal and antibacterial properties help treat beard dandruff.

    Found in our Morning Wood Beard Oil

    Pine Oil 

    Pine essential oil is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient which has shown to be effective against acne, eczema and other skin conditions. It also promotes beard hair health and shine.

    Found in our Morning Wood Beard Oil, Spruce Up Beard Oil

    Patchouli Oil 

    Patchouli beard oil has antiseptic properties which makes it an exceptional treatment for scalp and skin issues. Ideal for sensitive skin types, treating dermatitis which are considered underlying ailments for hair loss.

    Found in our Morning Wood Beard Oil, Mangrove Citrus Beard Oil, Orange Geranium Beard Oil

    Bergamot Oil 

    Bergamot beard oil has been found to help heal damaged skin and wounds through its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s the ideal beard oil ingredient in that it helps heal dry and irritated skin.

    Found in our Man Mint Beard Oil

    Peppermint Oil

    A peppermint beard oil base is a great way to improve circulation and stimulate the skin, due to it being a vasodilator.Not only may it help minimise hair loss, it provides a cool menthol effect which is hard to resist.

    Found in our Man Mint Beard Oil

    Lemongrass Oil 

    Lemongrass beard oil not only has a crisp, zesty aroma without the intensity of lemon, but it’s an ideal beard conditioner.

    Found in our Mangrove Citrus Beard Oil

    Cypress Oil

    Cypress essential oil can help increase blood circulation and capillary strength. This is an ideal ingredient in beard oil as it can stimulate the follicles and promote beard growth.

    Found in our Mangrove Citrus Beard Oil

    Black Spruce Oil

    Black Spruce essential oil is known to be warm and energising. This oil is in our Spruce Up Beard Oil blend. Known as a stress reliever and irritation soother.

    Found in our Spruce Up Beard Oil

    Fir Needle Oil

    Fir Needle essential oil is the ultimate deodoriser, making it ideal for keeping the beard clean and smelling fresh.

    Found in our Spruce Up Beard Oil

    Sweet Orange Oil

    Sweet Orange essential oil is known to improve the texture and tone of the skin, making it ideal for keeping the foundations of your beard in check. A pleasant and refresh scent is also an added benefit.

    Found in our Orange Geranium Beard Oil, Cool Cola Beard Oil

    Geranium Leaf Oil

    Geranium Leaf essential oil is similar to orange oil in that it promotes healthy skin and is a great ingredient for oily or dry hair. The fragrance from the leaf takes the edge off what is generally a floral note.

    Found in our Orange Geranium Beard Oil

    Lemon Oil

    Lemon essential oil is the ultimate cleaner, removing toxins from the hair and skin while providing a zesty punch. Known as a great treatment for skin conditions such as acne, it will keep your skin clear. There are photosensitising properties when lemon oil is applied to the skin in pure concentration, but when heavily diluted with carrier oils and other cosmetic formula preparations it’s safe to use. 

    Found in our Lemon Tart Beard Oil, Cool Cola Beard Oil

    Lemon Myrtle

    Lemon Myrtle essential oil is known as an astringent and has the ability to tighten pores while reducing irritation. It also has a more balmy scent compared to pure lemon essential oil, providing a smoother and tart like fragrance.

    Found in our Lemon Tart Beard Oil

    Lime Oil

    Lime essential oil is a great antibacterial ingredient, which helps keep the beard clean and fresh. High in antioxidants, lime oil may help promote hair and beard growth. 

    Found in our Cool Cola Beard Oil

    Neroli Oil

    Neroli oil contains citral, which is known to help regenerate skin cells. Not only will it help maintain the health of your beard, it may assist in keeping beard dandruff at bay.

    Found in our Cool Cola Beard Oil

    Nutmeg Oil

    Nutmeg essential oil like many of the other oils found in our Australian made beard oils, is known to combat a variety of skin issues, such as acne, dark spots, eczema and dry flaky skin. Not only useful in hot cross buns! 

    Found in our Cool Cola Beard Oil

    Cinnamon Oil 

    Cinnamon essential oil is antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral. This spicy favourite acts similarly to peppermint beard oil in that promotes circulation, which leads to health hair and skin and optimum beard growth conditions.

    Found in our Lemon Tart Beard Oil, Cool Cola Beard Oil

    Coriander Oil

    Coriander essential oil is a great anti-inflammatory making it ideal for the skin beneath the beard. Whether you like coriander, you need this one in your beard oil. 

    Found in our Cool Cola Beard Oil

    Star Anise Oil

    Star Anise essential oil is a hair growing powerhouse ingredient. Not only is it known for fighting off infections, but it’s known to help reduce dandruff and balance pH. This oil gets a gold star…

    Found in our Cool Cola Beard Oil

    Peru Balsam Oil

    Peru Balsam essential oil is generally used in topical applications due to its ability to treat dry irritated skin. This particular oil has to be used in very low dilutions.

    Found in our Lemon Tart Beard Oil

    Vanilla CO2 Extract

    Vanilla CO2 extract is solely used in our Lemon Tart Beard Oil to provide a warm, caramel and vanilla aroma.

    Found in our Lemon Tart Beard Oil

    Rosemary Extract

    Our go-to natural antioxidant and natural preservative. Not only does Rosemary Extract keep the oil fresh, it’s known to be beneficial for hair growth and reducing hair loss. 

    Found in all our Australian made beard oils.

    Now you are ready to try our beard oil!

    Now that you know how to use and apply beard oil, the importance of using beard oil when growing your beard, when to apply beard oil and how much beard oil to use, why not shop our range of Australian made beard oils.