Does beard oil work?

Have you ever started using a product and wondered whether it works or what it’s doing? For those of you who may be new to or thinking of using beard oil, this is likely something you’ve considered. The short answer is that beard oil does work, but it may not work for reasons you might be thinking.

What does beard oil do?

There are a lot of reasons as to why you should be introducing beard oil into your grooming and skincare routine, but some of the general benefits and reasons why beard oil works are as follows:

Beard oil softens the beard

The mixture of conditioning carrier oils such as argan beard oil, jojoba beard oil and almond beard oil work together to soften the hairs leaving the beard looking fuller and healthier.

Reduces beard dandruff

The above ingredients work to protect the skin beneath the beard, maintaining moisture levels which leads to less beard dandruff and dry skin.

Beard oil gets rid of beard itch

When growing your beard, you’ll notice it becomes really itchy. This is generally due to irritation of the skin but also the skin beneath the beard is more prone to becoming dry. Applying beard oil after a shower ensures you’re locking moisture in and getting rid of beard itch

Beard oil improves the overall appearance of the beard

Applying a few drops of beard oil improves the appearance and adds natural shine. There’s a noticeable difference in the way a beard looks when it is conditioned with beard oil as opposed to looking dry and brittle.

Beard oil keeps your beard fresh and clean

Using beard oil will not only keep your beard looking fresh, but the types of essential oils may keep it clean. Peppermint beard oil, patchouli beard oil, sandalwood beard oil and a range of other beneficial essential oils work together providing antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial benefits.

Beard oil smells incredible

One of the luxuries that comes with applying beard oil is that it smells great and can enhance the mood. It might sound trivial, but this is a huge part of my morning grooming routine that I love the most. Picking the best beard oil scent for you can be tricky, so look into blends that have a great balance of top, heart (middle) and base notes.

Beard oil promotes healthy growing conditions

Using beard oil keeps the hair, skin and follicles primed for healthy growth. A house is only as strong as the foundation it’s built on and the same goes for the beard. A few drops of beard oil a day will make a big difference in the quality of beard growth.

Does beard oil make your beard grow faster

This is a very confusing one due to the amount of misinformation and products out in the market which claim to speed up beard growth or fix patchy beards. 

The simple answer is that beard oil will not speed up beard growth. There is no scientific evidence to support these claims and so you should consider whether spending your hard earned dollars on beard growth oils, serums and supplements is worth it. 

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use beard oil. The benefits listed above are all great reasons as to why you should include a beard oil in your routine, but it’s important to manage expectations.

Why beard oil ingredient ratios are important

Have you ever looked at the label on a product to check out the ingredients? Not only does this tell you what is in the product you're using, but it’s also a legal obligation for all companies to list ingredients in order from highest concentration to lowest. 

Finding a beard oil with high concentrations of organic argan oil and jojoba oil is how you ensure that you’re purchasing a quality beard oil. This may sound bias as these are the two ingredients which make up the highest concentration of our beard oil, but it’s a reality that drove us to develop the highest quality beard oils in Australia and on the market.

Carrier oils will always be in much higher ratios than essential oils, so if you see argan listed right before an essential oil, and several carrier oils before argan, you’re not receiving a high concentration of argan oil.

Our approach as a company was to formulate products for our customers using the finest ingredients in higher percentages without compromise, no matter the cost. Look at the label, and if these oils are third onwards, you’re not getting a concentrated product. 

Why beard oil quality matters

No matter what you’re purchasing, the word quality is mentioned constantly but is heavily overused. How do you assess the quality of any product you purchase? On a whim? Through word of mouth or reviews? Through educational resources from the company itself? Below are some considerations when looking at beard oil quality.

What type of essential oils are used in beard oil

Essential oils vary in quality and are ranked on a grading system.

  • GRADE A: These essential oils are the most expensive and pure of oils, and come with therapeutic benefits. Generally they’re organic essential oils which haven’t been adulterated or processed. 
  • GRADE B: These essential oils can be processed, contain synthetics or be considered food grade.
  • GRADE C: These essential oils are used just as fragrance or perfume, and are generally used in many cosmetic products.

All of The Groomed Man Co. Australian made beard oils use GRADE A essential oils only, so you’re not only receiving a great smelling beard oil, but you get the therapeutic benefits of each essential oil. Learn more about the beard oil ingredients at the bottom of this post.

Transparency of ingredients used in the beard oil

One thing that every customer deserves is full transparency when it comes to purchasing any product, whether that be beard oil or any other manufactured product. If a company isn’t displaying the full ingredients list and making it easily identifiable, you may want to consider looking elsewhere. Displaying only the best ingredients in a product isn’t the transparency customers deserve, and is common in the skincare and haircare industry to make a product appear superior.

Beard oil and quality assurance

A way to identify whether you’re receiving a high quality beard oil, is by learning more about the company you’re buying from and their quality assurance processes. How are the beard oils being manufactured? What preservative system are they using? Is it a home made product and if so is it undergoing any testing to meet regulatory compliance? These are quite technical ways to assess quality, and of course the best measure is to try products out and see for yourself. However, quality assurance with any cosmetic product is absolutely essential and these processes protect the end user.

Now you know why you should be using beard oil, why beard oil works, the benefits of beard oil and additional beard care grooming essentials, why not shop our range of Australian made beard oils.