Does oil cause breakouts? It’s a common thought that comes to mind when thinking about oil and acne, but does beard oil clog the pores and cause breakouts? The short answer is it depends on the types of ingredients used in the oil, and how you use and apply beard oil.

With the rising popularity of growing out a beard, men have become confident in exploring beard care products with beard oil being the most commonly used for good reason. A beard oil should soften the hair, get rid of beard itch, moisturise and protect the skin beneath the beard thus getting rid of beard dandruff and help promote healthier beard growth. Best applied post-shower after using a beard shampoo and beard conditioner, a high quality beard oil should absorb easily and not clog the pores. Our Australian made beard oil is lightweight, non-greasy and fast absorbing.

Not all beard oils are created equally however, with some containing comedogenic ingredients which clog the pores and can cause acne breakouts, irritation and fail to provide the full benefits of a beard oil.

What beard oil ingredients clog pores?

Comedogenic ingredients have the propensity to clog pores and cause acne and breakouts. This doesn’t necessarily mean the ingredient itself is bad and not every person who uses an ingredient known to be comedogenic will experience breakouts, but the use of the ingredient may be best suited to non-skin related grooming products.

The most commonly known beard oil ingredients which clog pores are:

Avocado Oil

Suitable for drier acne prone skin but still known to clog pores and cause breakouts

Flax-seed Oil

Most skin types will not tolerate this oil, and is known to be better used internally due to the high fatty acid profile.

Coconut Oil

A very heavy oil, and although many love this ingredient and it has complexion benefits, if you have acne prone skin we recommend not using this on the beard or face.

Marula Oil

A highly beneficial oil due to its lightweight nature, but recommended to use if coconut oil is well tolerated.

Soybean Oil

A highly comedogenic oil that most people cannot tolerate and not recommended for those with acne prone skin.

What are the best beard oil ingredients which are non-comedogenic?

Not all oil based products will clog the pores and cause breakouts, but in many cases help regulate the skin's natural sebum production and balance out the skin. Some of the better non-comedogenic ingredients you should look for when selecting the best beard oil for your skin are:

Argan Oil

Considered to be the liquid gold of all oils, its lightweight and very unlikely to cause breakouts or clog pores. In fact, argan beard oil works to treat acne by regulating the skin's sebum production. Suitable for most skin types and a great oil for hair.

Sweet Almond Oil

High in fatty acids, sweet almond beard oil bases are highly emollient and known to be beneficial for those who suffer dermatitis and psoriasis.

Jojoba Oil

Like argan oil, jojoba beard oil bases helps regulate the skin's natural sebum production and closely mimics the skin's natural oil. Highly moisturising, light and fast absorbing, jojoba oil is a must have ingredient in beard oil.

Can beard oil be used as a face oil?

All our Australian made beard oils include non-comedogenic oils (argan, jojoba, sweet almond) and are safe to use on the skin. The oil can be used on the face once a week as a treatment, or alternatively you can use our men’s face moisturiser in the beard as it follows the same principles.

Simply apply 4 drops of oil post shower once or twice a week to the face before bed, and you'll notice a vast difference when waking up the next day. During the night while we sleep, the skin has a tendency to dry out (climate dependent), so this treatment is a great way to restore elasticity, moisture and will leave the skin more vibrant.

How can I treat breakouts under the beard?

If you're experiencing breakouts before applying beard oil and want to get them under control we suggest you use a gentle men's face wash to clean dirt and debris from the follicles. Dirt and oil can become trapped and requires that regular cleansing. 

If you really want to open the pores up, you can incorporate our men's face scrub which is safe to use in the beard and follow up with a beard conditioner. Once you pat dry your beard apply a few drops of our beard oil and over the next couple of weeks you'll notice reduces inflammation and clearer skin.

Now that you know more about what beard oil ingredients don't clog the pores, why not shop our range of Australian made beard oils, beard balms, beard wash and beard grooming kits.