How to use and apply beard balm

We recently published an article explaining how to use and apply beard oil and the benefits of using beard oil. Next up we’re going to show you how to use and apply beard balm and ways you can incorporate it into your daily beard care routine.

What is beard balm?

Beard balm has many similarities to beard oil, in that it’s a product that contains oils that condition and soften the beard. However, unlike beard oil, beard balm also contains a mix of waxes and butters which result in the product being more solid to touch. Traditionally, many beard balm formulas contain beeswax, shea butter and carrier oils producing a harder styling product. Our Australian made beard balm is formulated very differently to any beard balm in that it’s a conditioning balm containing unique ingredients such as berry wax (vegan friendly), babassu oil, ucuuba butter and little wax floraspheres which release Vitamin E and jojoba esters into the beard balm. We consider this a solid version of our beard oil.

What are the benefits of beard balm?

Beard balm works similarly to beard oil to soften the beard, protect and moisturise the skin, eliminate beard dandruff and get rid of beard itch. The one major difference with beard balm is that it also allows you to style your beard and manage any flyaways due to the waxes and butters that produce hold. Each beard balm formula differs in terms of strength and purpose.

How to use and apply beard balm in 6 steps!

Depending on the type of beard balm formula, you may need to adjust the amount of beard balm you use and how you apply it to the beard. Our formula is highly concentrated, so a little goes a very long way. Below is out 6 step guide to applying beard balm:

Scoop out a small pea sized amount of beard balm

Depending on the thickness and length of your beard, scoop out a small pea sized amount of beard balm and place it into the palm of your hand. You will notice with our formula you do not need to use the back of your thumb to scoop it out as it’s a soft and highly conditioning beard balm. Starting with less will allow you to adjust and add more if necessary.

Rub the beard balm together in your palms

Now that the beard balm is in your palms, simply rub your hands together and the beard balm will melt instantly. You will notice that the little floraspheres will also dissolve on touch as well releasing conditioning esters into the formula. 

Apply beard balm to the skin

Once the beard balm is melted, use your fingertips to gently massage the beard balm into the skin focusing on the chin and working your way outwards in an upwards motion. Just like beard oil, you’re wanting to encourage healthy skin in order to promote better beard growing conditions. The butters and oils in the beard balm will work to calm irritated and dry skin, protecting and moisturising the barrier. 

Apply beard balm to the beard

Once you’ve massaged the beard balm into your skin, you’ll use your whole hands to gently rub the remaining balm through and over the top of the beard in a downwards motion. The reason for this is twofold. You want to condition all the hairs so the beard balm ingredients strengthen and protect the beard while also styling the beard and managing flyaways. The second reason is massaging the balm over the beard hair in a downwards motion reduces the risk of pulling on beard hairs which can cause damage to the hair and lead to breakage and fallout. Take your time and be gentle.

Comb the beard balm through your beard

This isn’t a necessary step, however if you wish to manage the style of your beard and are working with substantial beard length, combing is a great way to keep your beard looking and feeling great.

Use the remaining beard balm on your skin

What do you do once you’ve finished running beard balm through your beard? You’ll likely have some beard balm left on your hands. You can use our beard balm in your hair, on your face and on your body to moisturise and benefit from the natural ingredients. Why let it go to waste?


When should I use and apply beard balm?

The great thing about beard balm is that you can apply it whenever you want. Unlike beard oils which are best applied post shower, you can apply beard balm to a dry or damp beard. If you’re using a beard wash, you can follow up with beard balm to style your beard.

The benefit of being able to apply beard balm to a dry beard makes it ideal if you’re racing out the door in the morning and don’t have time to wash your beard, or you need to tidy your beard up during the day. Our beard balm formula is fast absorbing, non-greasy and lightweight which means your beard won’t look heavy or overly shiny.

How often should you use beard balm?

This is something that is completely up to you, and just like beard oil you can use beard balm daily. When we created our beard balm we were very intentional about avoiding beeswax. Although it’s a great ingredient, it’s also not water soluble which meant you had to wash your beard more often to avoid build up of the balm. This may lead to drying the skin which is something beard care products are meant to resolve, and not contribute to. Our beard balm uses a light berry wax which absorbs fully and doesn’t require shampooing to remove it as it doesn’t waterproof the beard.

What’s the difference between beard balm and beard oil?

The major difference between beard balm and beard oil is the look and feel, but also the added ingredients in beard balms. We recently wrote a blog about the difference between beard balm and oil if you want to learn more.

Can I use beard balm with beard oil?

You can definitely use beard balms and beard oils together or separately and in conjunction with one another. Personally I like to apply beard balm in the morning when I am heading out for the day, and beard oil at night after a shower to maintain a soft and well moisturised beard and skin. However, you may want to apply beard balm and then a few drops of beard oil on top for the added conditioning benefits.

Now you know why you should be using beard balm, why beard balm works, the benefits of beard balm and additional beard care grooming essentials, why not shop our range of Australian made beard balm.