How to wash your face properly: 8 step guide for men

Including a men’s face wash in your daily skincare routine is a simple way to ensure you’re keeping the skin clean, clear and looking its best. Using a men’s face wash daily no matter your skin type, will also help prevent breakouts, assist the skin's natural cell turnover and prime the skin to absorb a men’s face moisturiser. Understanding what a men’s face wash does and how to wash your face properly is essential, and helps you maximise the results from the face care products you use. That’s right, you’ll need to cleanse your face for more than 5 seconds flat. 

How often should men wash their face?

Depending on your skin type, whether it be dry or oily, the general recommendation is that you use a men’s face wash morning and night to help keep the pores clean by eliminating dirt, debris and excess oil. Other considerations to take into account are lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet, work and other environmental factors which contribute to how much you sweat or gather build up on the skin.

As each men’s skincare routine is different, it’s important to trial what works best for you. It isn’t recommended to wash your face more than twice a day.

Follow our 8 step daily routine for washing your face

Below are 8 steps to help you cleanse your face properly to ensure your skin is looking its best.

Step 1 - Make sure your hands are clean

The main objective for washing your face is to ensure that it’s clean. Washing your face with dirty hands seems counterproductive and could contribute to clogged pores and breakouts. Always ensure to wash your hands with a non-drying men’s hand wash prior to washing your face.

Step 2 - Wet the face with warm water

Thoroughly wet your face with lukewarm water, avoiding hot water at all times. Hot showers can dry out the skin by drawing moisture out of the dermis and affect the natural oil balance.

Step 3 - Dispense face wash into your hand

Apply half to one full pump of men’s face wash into your hand. Our Face Fuel Cleanser is highly concentrated containing activated charcoal to absorb dirt, antioxidant green tea extract to fight free radicals and marshmallow root extract to target inflammation and dryness. A little goes a long way.

Step 4 - Apply face wash to your face

Using your fingertips, swipe face wash onto the main areas of the face being the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. You can rub the product together in your psalm before applying to your face, but with our men’s face wash we recommend applying the product directly to the face to ensure no loss of active ingredients.

Step 5 - Wash your face for 30 seconds

You’ve got this far, so this is the part that counts. In gentle upwards circular motions using your fingertips, work the cleanser into the skin covering all areas thoroughly for at least 30 seconds. Avoid being rough, especially around the eye area where the skin is most sensitive and susceptible to fine lines. Take this time to relax and gently massage the face. It’s also important to use a natural face wash for men that doesn’t contain sulphates and other harsh surfactants, opting for gentler ingredients.

You might even include a men’s face scrub into the routine to get rid of dead skin. We recently wrote a guide on how often men should use a face scrub!

Step 6 - Rinse the face with lukewarm water

Now that you’ve washed your face, it’s time to thoroughly rinse the skin to help remove the residue. Ensure not to get any face wash in your eyes during this stage.

Step 7 - Pat dry the skin

Once you’ve rinsed the face thoroughly, it’s time to dry your face. When doing so, gently pat your face with a towel instead of rubbing your face dry. Being rough can damage the outermost layer of the skin and take away all the moisture we hope to retain by patting the face dry instead.

Step 8 - Apply face moisturiser

Now that you’ve dried off, apply a highly hydrating men’s face moisturiser while the skin is still somewhat damp. This will ensure you’re rebalancing the skin's moisture levels, especially moisture that might have been lost while cleansing the skin. We recently discussed why men should use a face moisturiser daily and why it’s an integral party of any men’s skincare and grooming routine. If you also have a beard, it's important to add moisture back into the skin beneath by applying a fast absorbing beard oil or beard balm. This will help get rid of beard itch and also prevent beard dandruff! We recently released our Face and Beard Kit to include our men's face scrub, face wash, face moisturiser, beard oil and beard balm!

Now that you understand how to wash your face properly following our 8 step routine, why not transform your men’s grooming routine with our Australian made men’s face wash, face scrub, face moisturiser and men’s face care kits!