If you have a beard or are in the process of growing one, you’re likely no stranger to the challenges that come along with it. The dreaded beard itch, irritating beard dandruff and beard dryness are the most common problems that present themselves during the beard growth process and beyond. The good news however is that all of these concerns are easily treated by including a beard conditioner into your beard care and grooming routine. 

The main function of a beard conditioner is to help nourish the beard hair and replenish moisture in the skin beneath the beard. Beard conditioners also help gently cleanse the beard, treating skin dryness which in turn helps to reduce beard dandruff. Another benefit of beard conditioner is that while it hydrates and moisturises the skin, it helps to repair the skin barrier which treats beard itch

Beard conditioner is also important to use after using a beard wash. While beard wash deeply cleanses the beard and skin, using a beard conditioner afterwards helps to restore balance to the hair and skin’s moisture levels. It also leaves your beard squeaky clean. We recently wrote an article about how often you should wash your beard and it includes great information about co-washing your beard.

Should you use regular conditioner in your beard?

Using a traditional conditioner may not be beneficial depending on the ingredients, the most common being silicones. Silicones coat the hair leaving it feeling smooth and soft, however the effect is an illusion. Over time the silicone builds up, weakening the hair shaft and causing it to become brittle and fall out. Our natural beard conditioner contains no silicones, but instead uses hydrating watermelon seed oil, shea butter and guar gum to soften the beard and hair naturally while moisturising the skin beneath. As the hair in your beard is much more sensitive than the hair on your head, it reinforces the fact you should use a high quality natural beard conditioner at all times to maximise your beard growth efforts.

Using beard oil and beard balm as a conditioner

Sometimes people refer to beard oil and beard balm as a conditioner. While this is true, they’re leave-in conditioners that have benefits of their own. Applying beard oil or applying beard balm after using beard conditioner is a great way to treat dry skin, soothe beard itch and reduce the chance of beard dandruff. The best part is that your beard will never feel softer when you hit it with this combination!

Now that you know what a beard conditioner does and why it's beneficial to include in your routine, why not shop our range of Australian made beard conditioners and beard wash!