You only have to look at Facebook to come across Gary, rattling off in the comments section about how applying beard oil is for hipster twats and that ‘real men’ just let their beard grow naturally and wash it with water. That’s great Gary, but not all of us want our beards to look like it went through a weed whacker.

For the very small minority, doing the bare minimum in terms of beard grooming may work but that isn’t the case for many. As you grow your beard you’re likely to experience dryness, itchiness, flakiness and breakage, which is why you should be using and applying beard oil regularly.

Let’s take a look at what beard oil does and how you might benefit from including it in grooming routine to encourage healthy beard growth.

Softens the beard

The primary function of a beard oils carrier oil is to condition the beard hair in turn leaving it soft and less prickly. After one application of our Australian made beard oil, you’ll notice a vast improvement in the way your beard feels.

Strengthens the beard hair preventing breakage

Beard oil not only softens the hair, but it treats split ends and breakage by strengthening the hair shaft. Constant exposure to external elements and hot showers can leave the beard dry and brittle, so applying a beard oil high in argan oil will help strengthen and protect the hair. We highly recommend using an argan beard oil base due to this ingredient being the go to hair oil due to its rich fatty acid profile. 

Moisturises and protects the skin beneath the beard

It doesn’t take much for most bearded men to notice dryness beneath the beard, and it’s no surprise considering it’s an area that gets overlooked in terms of moisturising. Applying a high quality beard oil that absorbs quickly, will provide hydration to the skin and also protect the skin barrier. 

Helps to get rid of beard itch

Beard itch is extremely irritating and if not treated can lead to a range of skin issues. Regular use of a natural beard oil will help get rid of beard itch, soothing and calming the skin. Look for beard oils which contain lightweight carrier oils such as jojoba oil as these mimic the skin's natural sebum (oil) production.

Eliminates beard dandruff

If you keep listening to Gary, you’re going to look down and notice what resembles a snowglobe on your shoulders. Beard oil helps control and eliminate beard dandruff by keeping the skin and hair moisturised. After each shower, it’s important to apply beard oil to replace the natural oils you would have lost when exposing it to warm water. If you’re wanting to keep beard dandruff under control, consider using a beard wash and more often a beard conditioner to restore moisture in the skin.

Targets breakouts and inflammation in the skin

Beard oils are known to soothe inflammation in the skin and also target acne while preventing new breakouts. This is achieved by treating the dryness which causes most outbreaks, but for those with oily skin it will help rebalance the skin's natural oil production. There’s a common misconception that applying beard oil can cause breakouts or make breakouts worse. We recently wrote an article about whether beard oil clogs the pores, which explains what you should be looking for when it comes to non-comedogenic oils.

Keeps the beard clean

Applying beard oil creates a ritual of good beard care and beard grooming habits which leave your beard and skin clean. Depending on the beard oil ingredients in each blend, you may also experience therapeutic benefits from the essential oils used. This is heavily dependent on the quality and grade of essential oils used. All of our beard oils contain the highest grade unprocessed essential oils so you experience anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiseptic benefits which is why we believe it’s the best beard oil in Australia and on the global market.

Leaves the beard smelling and looking great

Promotes healthy beard growth conditions

Last but not least, the main reason men include beard oil in their grooming routine is to promote healthier beard growth. Regular use of a high quality beard oil or beard balm will ensure you’re giving your skin, follicles and beard the best shot at healthy growth. While you cannot speed up the process, you can improve the quality of beard hair from the start.

Now that we’ve covered what a beard oil does and why you shouldn’t be listening to Gary online, why not improve your beard grooming routine with our range of natural Australian made beard oils, beard balms, beard wash and beard grooming kits!