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19 Blogs The Groomed Man Has To Follow

The internet is pretty big. And there is a lot happening on it. Everything from an Amish dating website to a website that finds where your mouse cursor is, is available online.

But what about for the modern man. How can he keep track of what intriguing, interesting but still intelligent online?

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been compiling the blogs we regularly stay on top of. Finally, it’s been put together and now we are here to present our favourites to you on one neat little package.

George Hahn

Thrifty, but not tight-ass fashion featured alongside well educated and informed lifestyle writings. George has a great way with words: ‘Think of it as a polite middle finger to a culture that flaunts the most expensive stuff out of the need for some kind of store-bought validation. A journal designed for men who weren’t millionaires, but who also wanted to look good and live well.’

Favourite read: The Absence of mastery in the era of the ‘Instabrand’.

The Barefoot Investor

Scott Pape, aka The Barefoot Investor offers ‘fiercely independant financial advice’, and I mean well and truly independant. Not getting cutbanks from any bank or company he is unglamourous, gritty, witty and honest. Proudly makes his money through wise investments, working hard and saving harder. Australian based but his advice can be applied anywhere in the world.

Favourite read: Who taught you about money?

Grey Fox

Life extends beyond the age of 40. Is life much different then? Who knows. But the ‘older’ guys out there still face the same problems as youngins in their 20’s. The Grey Fox tends to the older boys who still need to look the part. Grey Fox Blog is about fashion, style and menswear for the older man.

Favourite read: Denim jeans and the middle aged older man

The Art Of Manliness

A blog dedicated to the lost art of being a man. Brett covers a multitude of things on a very regular basis – How to comfort someone who is upset, removing a leech and undoing the damage of chronic sitting are just some of the ‘Hey, I should know about that’ topics discussed in depth.

Favourite read: 50 old fashioned insults we should bring back.


Stronglifts is more of a wiki, but it is a discipline that most guys should know about. Lifting weights is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. But there’s so much information, where do you start? Start with stronglifts. A simple workout to get your body moving the way it should. This wiki answers all the questions you think are too stupid to ask, plus the founder, Medhi, has created a fantastic little app to help you keep track of what your next workout will consist of – weights, timers and rest periods included!

The Whisky Exchange

This blog is dedicated to the lovers of a fine spirit. Characteristics of alcohols from a certain part of the world, best foods to accompany certain tastes and the theory of distilling are just some of the topics they cover. As well as in-depth reviews of some of the finest spirits known, of course.

Favourite read: The modern Martini.

Ben’s Beer Blog

If spirits aren’t your thing, we’ve got beer covered, too. Ben Johnson is slowly working his way through testing nearly every beer in the world- we think. On his blog, he discusses the beer, believe it or not.

Favourite read: Correct glassware for beer.

Mark’s Daily Apple

Founded way back in 2006, Mark Sisson and his blog are dedicated to empowering those who want to take their health, nutrition and wellbeing into their own hands. Mark discusses his primal way of living and his open-minded, progressive and (personally, I think) more logical way or taking care of your body and mind.

Favourite read: How to deal with chronic pain – Psychological causes and treatments.


Manshway is all about your castle. Your home, where you live and how the interior of it serves its purpose. Your house is where you spend a stupid amount of time, regardless of whether you think you don’t spend a lot of time there. Men are territorial creatures- make your your territory is your own and make it worth marking.

Favourite read: Living in a tiny Boston studio apartment.

Old Man Running

Take this blog at face value – it’s about an old boy who does some running occasionally. But looking past that, it’s a blog by an 82 year old man who has been a competitive runner for 42 years, run 4 marathons and is now training for his 5th. If you take nothing else from this, admire the fact that a man born in 1936 updates his blog religiously every second day.

Favourite read: Today I wore my ‘Gone Loco’ Shirt

Man Made DIY

Man Made DIY is that blog dedicated to showing you how to make the things you should know how to make but you probably don’t. It’s full of nifty little tricks, not always involving tools- like how to turn a pair of pants into shorts, without having to sew hems. If the projects themselves aren’t interesting for you, some of the tool skills are definitely worth knowing.

Favourite read: Making a unique cutting board.

Daily Driven Exotics

More of a YouTube channel than a blog, but still very interesting. Damon shares his life in the exotic car scene and explains what it’s like to have a Ferrari 458 Italia as a daily drive.

Favourite read: Drifting an Audi R8 in the snow with a christmas tree on the roof.

The Good Men Project

I’m just going let them do the work for me here. ‘We write about fatherhood, family, sex, ethics, war, gender, politics, sports, pornography, and aging. We shy away from nothing. Our content reflects the multidimensionality of men — we are alternately funny and serious, provocative and thoughtful, earnest and light-hearted’.

Favourite read: Thoughts on boys, men, and preventing sexual assault.

The Photo Argus

There will come a time in your life when you’re given a camera to take a very important photo of a very important moment in someone’s life. Even with today’s technology, being able to take a quality photo at a moments notice is an essential skill to have in your handbook.

Favourite read: How to improve your photo composition.

Zen Habits

A blog about stopping. Zen Habits is about finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives. We work out to take care of the body, this blog is how we maintain the mind to stay strong and healthy. The beauty of this blog lays in it’s simplicity, both in the concept and the website’s layout. Have a read of what Leo writes about and try work in into your daily ritual if only for a week.

Favourite read: The love of a good walk.

Boss Hunting.

Simply put, this is Australia’s premier men’s lifestyle blog. Covering nearly all bases of the finer things in a man’s life. Women, cars, sport, technology, the lot.

Favourite read: 5 Pieces of advice for mastering your craft.

The Minimalists

Joshua and Ryan are 2 guys with not a lot of ‘stuff’. That’s the point. They, and you (and me) don’t need most of the ‘stuff’ we have. Minimalism is about a life freedom of life, free from the trappings of the consumer society that surrounds us. No, it’s not about living in an empty house with nothing, it’s about living more purposefully. A concept than many modern lives may benefit from.

Favourite read: The art of letting go.

The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman travels the world and takes photo of people. Real people of all walks of life, in the streets, doing their thing. Anything I write cannot do his photography justice. Go and see for yourself why his candid images have been used by GQ, Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia and Interview.

The Effortless Gent

‘Helping the young professional dress well every day, with or without a dress code’. The effortless gent push a concept that I’ve recently subscribed to myself, the ‘Lean Wardrobe’. Only owning versatile clothes than can be used in a multitude of ways. This blog not only helps you with that, but also helps a gentleman dress himself correctly for any occasion.

Favourite read: 10 ways to accessorise a suit.



Phil Forbes – The Aussie in Poland. Dinosaur nut, Simpsons quote fiend, post-rock enthusiast with a strage addiction to all things mint. When he grows up he wants to be a dinsosaur and/or stormtrooper. Writer at shoplo.com/gb

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